My Amazing Vegan Scramble!

Picture of My Amazing Vegan Scramble!
This will be a recipe for a vegan "scramble" I make that even the carnivores in my life enjoy! It is gluten free and packed with YUMMY ingredients! First things first though is gathering the needed ingredients. I do not have set amounts for anything just keep in mind the main ingredient is potato so you'll want more of them then anything else. I will put what I commonly use in parenthesis and bold below.

You will need:

Organic Coconut Oil (~2 Tablespoons melted)
Organic Tamari (Gluten Free, 1/4 cup)
Organic Sweet Potatoes (2 - 1 regular, 1 japanese)
Organic Yukon Gold Potatoes (2 large ones)
Organic Eggplant (1 large one)
Organic Onion (Half of a yellow onion)
Organic Garlic (3 big chunks)
Organic Sprouted Tofu (optional but used in this example) (1 block of the super firm)
An Oven Preheated to ~400F
30 - 60 minutes of time to get it cooked (This depends how crispy you want it. 30 minutes then mix then 20 more)

You're good to go! Lets get started!
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Step 1: Prep your ingrediets

Picture of Prep your ingrediets
Gather all your ingredients and make sure they are cleaned up nicely. This step is the easy one though! Start cutting into whatever shape you like and get them all into a BIG mixing bowl!

Leave the Tofu out of the mix for now. We want to let it soak in the Tamari alone for a bit prior to placing everything into baking pans.

Step 2: Get to Mixing

Picture of Get to Mixing
Mix everything up in the BIG mixing bowl. Add in your Tamari and Coconut Oil. 

Once its mixed up spread it all into a large baking pan leaving as much Tamari in the bowl as possible. (You still need to soak your tofu)

Step 3: Soak that Tofu

Picture of Soak that Tofu
Get that Tofu all cut up and soak it in the Tamari left behind in the bowl. The longer it soaks the more flavor it holds. 

This step is optional. If you really aren't feeling the tofu toss in an extra veggie. Zucchini works nicely!
jennyblake1 year ago
great recipe
denise2231 year ago
My husband and I love tofu scrambles. Your creation looks wicked awesome - I'll have to make your rendition soon. Thanks!
neo716651 year ago
betcha swap out the rotten soybean patty for some grilled and cubed pork this would be killer.
burnnhell (author) 1 year ago
trying it on a BBQ grill! that's a great idea. curious how that will turn out. I bet it will be great!
Great, i'm going to try this on my BBQ
I'm not very vegan, but it looks delicious!
Looks great. I just will not tell the kids that it is healthy.
Great recipe, I can't wait to try it. It looks delish!