One of my co-workers was giving away and old Atari 800XL and Macintosh SE case. He had been planning to do a mini-ITX project, but had never gotten around to it. Always wanting an excuse to tinker with something, I decided to take them off of his hands.

Well, as soon as I saw the Mac SE case, I realized that this one had the most potential. So this weekend, I bought a few things at Home Depot and got started making my Apple-powered, wireless, portable toilet paper dispenser -- the iWipe.

The whole project took a couple of hours and cost about $15.


Step 1: Remove the Metal Brackets in the SE

There were still some metal brackets inside the case, so I had to get those out first. Using a T15 and a Philips head screwdriver, I removed the 7 or 8 screws holding the brackets in place.

Step 2: Clean the Case

The case still pretty grimy, so I soaked it in some warm soapy water for about 10 minutes. This loosened up all of the dirt and I was able to rinse it clean.

Step 3: Paint the Case

Because Apple has gotten all glossy white on us lately, I figured the SE needed a new paint job. So I painted the inside a metallic silver (to match the toilet paper holder) and the outside a gloss white.

Step 4: Mount the Toilet Paper Holder

Once the paint had dried, I used a heavy-duty Super Glue gel to mount the toilet paper holder to the case.

Step 5: Create a Faux Screen

I used a transluscent binder that I picked up at Target ($1.39) to create a screen for the SE. After I cut it to size, I super glued it into place.

Step 6: Installing the First Roll

I inserted a roll of toilet paper into the iWipe and slid the front of the case closed.

Step 7: Voila! the New Apple IWipe!

As much as I dislike apple computers, this is downright disrespectful to the apple name. But I like it! <br>
Trusting something/someone with something as sacred as TP is, arguably, very respectful.
Very true. This was sooo long ago, I'm a completely different person than the seventh grader who posted that. XD
dude, that is awesome.
I'm sure there are plenty of better uses for an old Mac... now that I have a Mac going on my old PC makes me want to throw up.
This is IT !<br /> Finally something you CAN do with an apple computer :D<br />
atleast it dont got a chunky desktop next 2 it.
hahahahaha! mac faans had to have seen that coming.
all apple lovers reply to this comment (cuz you cant thumbs up) woot wooot
GOOOOO APPPPPLEEEEEEE !!!!!!!!!!!! Why dont you do this with a pc!! bust out the old ms dos or windows 7 SAME DIFFERENCE!! :P
Here is a clue. <br>Use a normal paperholder. There is no need to screen. You can understand when to refil with probably %100 accuracy
what a upgrade!<br><br>now i just need to find that imac and give it a better use than a paperweight...
That's definitely funny!
how dare u ruin a perfectly good apple
Isn't that an oxymoron? LOL!<br />
AGREED! hahahahah<br />
how dare u defie the apple lovers
&nbsp;Here's mine
This is&nbsp;Apple comps&nbsp;at&nbsp;their very&nbsp;best!<br /> <br /> The only thing that would be better than this would be to wipe my @ss with the apple itself... wouldn't be as comfortable though hm...
I really like to see an iGadget made useful but you would have to wall mount it for me. I am old and inflexible; getting to it in that position I would probably be found later in an embarrassing (but amusing) position in standing on my head.&nbsp; <br />
&nbsp;cool i have one lol jk that computer these days are so hard to get they cost a fortune ha and u just wasted it lol
You should motorise it so that when you press a button, it dispenses a certain amount<br />
Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww!! ......but also satisfying
That is now the official iPood.
I got one of them
Or the I-poo shuffle !
I'm not so sure I would want it to shuffle.
Add Lights! And an image on screen:
<strong>WOW!</strong> Like an egg technologies iPotty.I'll try it on my Mac Classic Trash Bin(iBin)<br/><br/>
hahaha brilliant.
Careful...this could be *GASP* copyright infringement...lmao. Oh wait, nvm ...there isn't any overly commercialized mp3 docking area on it...I think you're safe :P..rofl.<br/>
That... is... genius...
It would be even cooler if you motorized it!
The all new iCrap - Poop different... :D (I got that from a flash anim from Killfrog.com, I think it was one of the "Ultimate Survivor" films)
needs the old mac os bomb window printed as a decal and placed on the translucent screen for sure!
Bomb, lol! This is awesome.
With this just being the case and no guts, you should be able to mount it on the wall. Just find a couple of studs to hold it up for you. Excellent work.
Great project, but i'm not sure about where you put it. As they say at SeaWorld, you folks are sitting in the splash zone.
I should do that to an iMac but cut a hole on top of it and place a toilet lid on it...
somone should make one that dispenses automaticaly when you click the mouse
Von Klaus:<br/>Although I will get flamed for admitting this, I am sort of a Mac hater. That's why I made it dispense toilet paper. Actually, I don't *hate* Macs; however, I get really annoyed at many of the people who own them. I find that OS or platform preference is like religion in that it shouldn't be discussed in mixed company :)<br/>
(knock....knock.....knock) (open the door to see 2 Gen-X hipsters on your porch) "Have you opened your mind and heart and accepted Steve Jobs as your personal computing saviour? He is the Alpha 2.0 and the Omega 10.4." I'm a Mac guy but I'm with you..... blessed be Gates....... blessed be Linus..... etc....
LMAO!!!!!this is sooo funny. but in a way it hurts me (why can't you use a p.c. tower? you can put more rolls!)
Very cool, I might try this out with my Mac Plus
how funny!! cool idea.
This, ladies and gentlemen, is the difference between brilliance and genius. Kudos to you. Fantastic idea.
one modification i'd make: turn it upside down, draw the dead-mac on the screen with tipex/whiteout! LOL!
hillarious!! fun AND functional - and to think my SE is just collecting dust
Brilliant! What a crack up!! So were can I get one? E-bay???

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