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One of my co-workers was giving away and old Atari 800XL and Macintosh SE case. He had been planning to do a mini-ITX project, but had never gotten around to it. Always wanting an excuse to tinker with something, I decided to take them off of his hands.

Well, as soon as I saw the Mac SE case, I realized that this one had the most potential. So this weekend, I bought a few things at Home Depot and got started making my Apple-powered, wireless, portable toilet paper dispenser -- the iWipe.

The whole project took a couple of hours and cost about $15.

Step 1: Remove the Metal Brackets in the SE

Picture of Remove the Metal Brackets in the SE

There were still some metal brackets inside the case, so I had to get those out first. Using a T15 and a Philips head screwdriver, I removed the 7 or 8 screws holding the brackets in place.

Step 2: Clean the Case

Picture of Clean the Case

The case still pretty grimy, so I soaked it in some warm soapy water for about 10 minutes. This loosened up all of the dirt and I was able to rinse it clean.

Step 3: Paint the Case

Picture of Paint the Case

Because Apple has gotten all glossy white on us lately, I figured the SE needed a new paint job. So I painted the inside a metallic silver (to match the toilet paper holder) and the outside a gloss white.

Step 4: Mount the Toilet Paper Holder

Picture of Mount the Toilet Paper Holder

Once the paint had dried, I used a heavy-duty Super Glue gel to mount the toilet paper holder to the case.

Step 5: Create a Faux Screen

Picture of Create a Faux Screen

I used a transluscent binder that I picked up at Target ($1.39) to create a screen for the SE. After I cut it to size, I super glued it into place.

Step 6: Installing the First Roll

Picture of Installing the First Roll

I inserted a roll of toilet paper into the iWipe and slid the front of the case closed.

Step 7: Voila! the New Apple IWipe!

Picture of Voila! the New Apple IWipe!



furrysalamander (author)2011-05-18

As much as I dislike apple computers, this is downright disrespectful to the apple name. But I like it!

toogers (author)furrysalamander2013-01-09

Trusting something/someone with something as sacred as TP is, arguably, very respectful.

furrysalamander (author)toogers2013-02-26

Very true. This was sooo long ago, I'm a completely different person than the seventh grader who posted that. XD

yapoyo (author)2012-09-29

dude, that is awesome.

dylanp1936 (author)2012-06-21

I'm sure there are plenty of better uses for an old Mac... now that I have a Mac going on my old PC makes me want to throw up.

georion (author)dylanp19362012-09-03


Mavamaarten (author)2010-04-03

This is IT !
Finally something you CAN do with an apple computer :D

jgfresh (author)Mavamaarten2011-07-31

atleast it dont got a chunky desktop next 2 it.

guydie5 (author)Mavamaarten2010-06-24

hahahahaha! mac faans had to have seen that coming.

Furloy (author)2011-05-09

all apple lovers reply to this comment (cuz you cant thumbs up) woot wooot

jgfresh (author)Furloy2011-07-31

GOOOOO APPPPPLEEEEEEE !!!!!!!!!!!! Why dont you do this with a pc!! bust out the old ms dos or windows 7 SAME DIFFERENCE!! :P

heavyfire88 (author)2011-07-09

Here is a clue.
Use a normal paperholder. There is no need to screen. You can understand when to refil with probably %100 accuracy

zack247 (author)2011-07-09

what a upgrade!

now i just need to find that imac and give it a better use than a paperweight...

thepelton (author)2010-03-23

That's definitely funny!

lane29 (author)2009-07-10

how dare u ruin a perfectly good apple

Light_Lab (author)lane292010-03-11

Isn't that an oxymoron? LOL!

rj44319 (author)Light_Lab2010-03-15

AGREED! hahahahah

lane29 (author)Light_Lab2010-03-11

how dare u defie the apple lovers

 Here's mine

XionII (author)2010-03-11

This is Apple comps at their very best!

The only thing that would be better than this would be to wipe my @ss with the apple itself... wouldn't be as comfortable though hm...

Light_Lab (author)2010-03-11

I really like to see an iGadget made useful but you would have to wall mount it for me. I am old and inflexible; getting to it in that position I would probably be found later in an embarrassing (but amusing) position in standing on my head. 

broken_to_fix (author)2010-03-07

 cool i have one lol jk that computer these days are so hard to get they cost a fortune ha and u just wasted it lol

Callum Snowden (author)2009-12-31

You should motorise it so that when you press a button, it dispenses a certain amount

ktraylor (author)2009-07-16

Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww!! ......but also satisfying

CerealKiller (author)2007-10-14

That is now the official iPood.

Warlrosity (author)CerealKiller2009-03-07

I got one of them

Mario2007 (author)CerealKiller2007-11-10

Or the I-poo shuffle !

Rishnai (author)Mario20072008-07-08

I'm not so sure I would want it to shuffle.

app0 (author)2008-08-14

Add Lights! And an image on screen:

app0 (author)2008-08-12

WOW! Like an egg technologies iPotty.I'll try it on my Mac Classic Trash Bin(iBin)

Mouserz (author)2008-04-07

hahaha brilliant.

RiddleOfSphinx (author)2008-04-06

Careful...this could be *GASP* copyright infringement...lmao. Oh wait, nvm ...there isn't any overly commercialized mp3 docking area on it...I think you're safe :P..rofl.

fortneja (author)2008-04-02

That... is... genius...

YummyPancakes (author)2008-03-11

It would be even cooler if you motorized it!

twocvbloke (author)2008-02-10

The all new iCrap - Poop different... :D (I got that from a flash anim from, I think it was one of the "Ultimate Survivor" films)

agent76 (author)2006-02-19

needs the old mac os bomb window printed as a decal and placed on the translucent screen for sure!

moep (author)agent762007-09-02

Bomb, lol! This is awesome.

eBrain (author)2007-07-25

With this just being the case and no guts, you should be able to mount it on the wall. Just find a couple of studs to hold it up for you. Excellent work.

KevinTheDonkey (author)2007-07-24

Great project, but i'm not sure about where you put it. As they say at SeaWorld, you folks are sitting in the splash zone.

Wulf (author)2006-11-23

I should do that to an iMac but cut a hole on top of it and place a toilet lid on it...

Junkernaut (author)2006-10-19

somone should make one that dispenses automaticaly when you click the mouse

sMoRTy71 (author)2006-07-25

Von Klaus:
Although I will get flamed for admitting this, I am sort of a Mac hater. That's why I made it dispense toilet paper. Actually, I don't *hate* Macs; however, I get really annoyed at many of the people who own them. I find that OS or platform preference is like religion in that it shouldn't be discussed in mixed company :)

fluid (author)sMoRTy712006-10-17

(knock....knock.....knock) (open the door to see 2 Gen-X hipsters on your porch) "Have you opened your mind and heart and accepted Steve Jobs as your personal computing saviour? He is the Alpha 2.0 and the Omega 10.4." I'm a Mac guy but I'm with you..... blessed be Gates....... blessed be Linus..... etc....

Von Klaus (author)2006-07-10

LMAO!!!!!this is sooo funny. but in a way it hurts me (why can't you use a p.c. tower? you can put more rolls!)

Dash-2 (author)2006-02-04

Very cool, I might try this out with my Mac Plus

ezcondition (author)2006-01-26

how funny!! cool idea.

middleclasstool (author)2006-01-16

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the difference between brilliance and genius. Kudos to you. Fantastic idea.

torpor (author)2005-12-03

one modification i'd make: turn it upside down, draw the dead-mac on the screen with tipex/whiteout! LOL!

mixman (author)2005-11-22

hillarious!! fun AND functional - and to think my SE is just collecting dust

rikoko (author)2005-11-22

Brilliant! What a crack up!! So were can I get one? E-bay???

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