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Introduction: My Aquarium

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I though I might show off my puffers and other aquatic creatures. I mean after all, we are the world biggest show and tell!



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    Omg what a beautiful aquarium

    I'm looking into breeding snails (and mealworms) for my rats & the local wildlife rehab center. Would you consider doing an Instructable on how you raise your snails?


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    Snails eat aquatic snails? Never knew!

    Anyhow, while I was on vacation the filter pump in my snail tank died, and the water got infested with algae! I still have yet to buy a new pump and resupply on snails. When I do though, I will for sure make an instructable!

    oooooooooh, your snails ate each other?

    Hehe, I just read my comment above, and realized I meant to say:

    Rats eat aquatic snails? Never knew!

    I guess so... Everything was dead when I got back, everything BUT the algae...

    They won't eat flake food unless they are dying from starvation, but even then, they might still ignore it because it doesn't look like food to them. I currently am feeding them frozen blood worms, until my snails in my snail breeding tank mature. I am planning on giving them a snail only diet in the future, but I can only do that once my snail breeding tank is setup and producing snails steadily. You can follow my progress with the dwarf puffers here:

    Now I'm feeding them a mix of freeze dried and frozen blood worms. The snails in my breeding tank have procreated, with 50-80 baby snails. The originals have grown to about 1.5cm, and are ready to be fed to my puffers. But I only have 3 originals, so I'll have to wait for the offspring to grow and procreate before I can have a steady supply of snails. So I'll have to wait for a month or so till I can change their diet.

    Exactly how is this an instructable?
    It's not, so it shouldn't be here.

    What can I use slideshows for?
    Slideshows are for showing off photos of what you made or did, but don't have full instructions to create an Instructable with.