Picture of My Art 4
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Jimi Wacom Drawing4.jpg
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It's all from 2010.

1. Self Portrait (yes, that's me)
2. Raft Of The Medusa (copy of a famous painting)
3. Raft Of The Medusa detail
4. Raft Of The Medusa detail
5-7. Jimi Hendrix
8.  Marsden Hartley Landscape (copy of a famous painting)
9. The Taking Of Christ (copy of a famous painting)
10. Landscape
11, 12. Energy 1 and 2- a pure abstraction
13. Psychedelic Flowers
14. Soldier

everyone is just staring at no. 4 .
You sir, are one amazing artist!!
happyjo4 years ago
Another great job! :)
bounty10124 years ago
I love your sketches, they're so detailed. Also, I love the landscape of #10, it makes me want to practice more so I could be as good as you.
awesome stuff. Makes me wish i was good at drawing.
Oblivitus (author)  tubanator-2.04 years ago
Thanks. What do you think of 11 and 12? My grandmother tells me a 5 year old could do those, lol.
tell her to put her glasses on
They look pretty cool.especially since i see a smiley face with a goatee and mohawk in the upper left hand corner. and the only 5yr old that could do that must be related to jesus
Oblivitus (author)  tubanator-2.04 years ago
Lol, I see the man with the mohawk.
Randomguy654 years ago
Torpe4 years ago
WOW! You're talented! #10 is my favorite!
knektek4 years ago
I bet you had little time for these paintings, but they r awesome!!!
Oblivitus (author)  knektek4 years ago
Thanks. Yes, some of them were done quickly, #11 for example took 20 minutes, but the Raft Of The Medusa took 20 hours.
its good but i especially like the army man one i want it for my room
Oblivitus (author)  mr.squeakers4 years ago
Click on the picture to get a bigger image, save a large size, print it out onto some photo paper, frame it, and hang it up. I won't mind.
mikstr24 years ago
Oblivitus (author)  mikstr24 years ago
Right back at ya. :)
Go see http://www.instructables.com/id/My-Drawings-3/ and repent for what you just said.
This guy is amazing.
I WUZ JOKING...... (hence the smiley face)
KNEXFRANTIC4 years ago
dude thats awsome
Oblivitus (author)  KNEXFRANTIC4 years ago
So is that teddy bear. :)
I really like it!
The one with the watchtower is my favourite.
You're really good at this. :)
MrSillyGuns4 years ago
these are really good, nice job 5*
MegaMetal84 years ago
Cool stuff
Hendrix #5 is absolutely amazing. Really incredible.
Oblivitus (author)  mattthegamer4634 years ago
Thanks. Color is one of my favorite elements in art.