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Introduction: My Art!

About: ugh hi you can follow me on instagram: jothemermaid

These are some photos of art that I have made! :D Please enjoy!
For some reason I couldn't save the little image notes so I will do that here:
The first one is just  practice page for calligraphy
pic 2: i doodle of i girl I made on a camping trip
pic 3: The first stained glass angel that I made!
pic 4: A short comic that I made
pic 5: A drawing of Eilonwy from the Black Cauldron
pic 6: i do not take credit for making this, my friend's sister made for an our evil plans!
pic 7: A haiku I made in 4th grade! i wrote this by sticking toothpicks in black paint!
pic 8: Nicoletta Swan, a picture I made in 4th grade
pic 9: King Smoit from the Black Cauldron
pic 10: a collage I made last year, all from National Geographic 
pic 11: A girl named SweetFire! 
pic 12: COCKATOO!
pic 13:



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    Thanks! :D I had a lot of fun making that one! :D

    Do you like to make art?

    i cant draw or paint if my life depended on it :(

    OH, that's allright! I couldn't k'nex or lego if my life depended on it!

    hee hee! We are even!

    Thanks a bunch! Which is your favorite?

    um i dont know its hard to choose

    :D thank you! :D

    Aw, thanks Screamo! I haven't hear from you in forever! :D

    Oh, sorry! I see! I am Catholic! Yeah, the angel was just something to make out of stained glass!

    An angel? i don't think I made an angel! Which one do you think is an angel?

    Um, why are you asking and what do you mean by i like angel?