Picture of My Art!
These are some photos of art that I have made! :D Please enjoy!
For some reason I couldn't save the little image notes so I will do that here:
The first one is just  practice page for calligraphy
pic 2: i doodle of i girl I made on a camping trip
pic 3: The first stained glass angel that I made!
pic 4: A short comic that I made
pic 5: A drawing of Eilonwy from the Black Cauldron
pic 6: i do not take credit for making this, my friend's sister made for an our evil plans!
pic 7: A haiku I made in 4th grade! i wrote this by sticking toothpicks in black paint!
pic 8: Nicoletta Swan, a picture I made in 4th grade
pic 9: King Smoit from the Black Cauldron
pic 10: a collage I made last year, all from National Geographic 
pic 11: A girl named SweetFire! 
pic 12: COCKATOO!
pic 13:
MrSillyGuns3 years ago
My favorite is the Cockatoo :)
happyjo (author)  MrSillyGuns3 years ago
Thanks! :D I had a lot of fun making that one! :D
happyjo (author)  MrSillyGuns3 years ago
Do you like to make art?
i cant draw or paint if my life depended on it :(
happyjo (author)  MrSillyGuns3 years ago
OH, that's allright! I couldn't k'nex or lego if my life depended on it!
happyjo (author)  MrSillyGuns3 years ago
hee hee! We are even!
ryry20113 years ago
cool i remebered that you where going to post them
happyjo (author)  ryry20113 years ago
yep! :D
ya its cool
happyjo (author)  ryry20113 years ago
Thanks a bunch! Which is your favorite?
um i dont know its hard to choose
Dr. Pepper3 years ago
happyjo (author)  Dr. Pepper3 years ago
:D thank you! :D
Screamo3 years ago
wow thats awesome! good job
happyjo (author)  Screamo3 years ago
Aw, thanks Screamo! I haven't hear from you in forever! :D
(removed by author or community request)
happyjo (author)  DELETED_storm3913 years ago
Um, why are you asking and what do you mean by i like angel?
(removed by author or community request)
happyjo (author)  DELETED_storm3913 years ago
An angel? i don't think I made an angel! Which one do you think is an angel?
(removed by author or community request)
happyjo (author)  DELETED_storm3913 years ago
Oh, sorry! I see! I am Catholic! Yeah, the angel was just something to make out of stained glass!
Puzzledd3 years ago
Nice artwork! My faves are Eilonwy, the stylish lady in 13 and the colourful cockatoo, of course! Our cockies only have white and yellow, yours is gorgeous :)
happyjo (author)  Puzzledd3 years ago
Oh thanks a bunch! Have you read the Black Cauldron?
No, but I think I've heard of it. Who wrote it?
happyjo (author)  Puzzledd3 years ago
Lloyd Alexander!
lil larry3 years ago
Cool bird!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
happyjo (author)  lil larry3 years ago
Thank you! For some strange reason all of my pic descriptions didn't full show up! :D
Well, computers don't have brains.
happyjo (author)  lil larry3 years ago
yep, you are right! :D Do you like school?
I love school cuz its when I hang out with my friends, learn things, and don't get annoyed by my parents. :D
happyjo (author)  lil larry3 years ago
Wow, me too! :D Perfectly stated!
Cool! :D

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