This is my new awesome paper ACB hidden blade! It is made with printer paper, and it didn't take a while to make. This hidden blade is a one piece blade (since I taped the vambrace to It. I hope you like my simple design and you get inspiration! NOTE!: THIS IS NOT AN INSTRUCTABLE!

Feel free to comment on my design. Your most creative criticism is welcome. Well, peace!!

this is a really cool blade! y'all should check out mine too! it's note involved and will take a higher skill level but its worth it! <br><br> https://m.instructables.com/id/Assassins-creed-hidden-blade-10/
<p>Ezio approves</p>
<p>BENE xD</p>
Nice, how does it work?
Guys vote for me please!
<p>I'd love to see how you made it, could you make an 'ible for it?</p>
Yeah man bo prob I'll probably do it in another instructable
*no (just correcting myself)
I thought I'd get feedback :/...