My Attempt at Giant Mask: Montessaurus




Introduction: My Attempt at Giant Mask: Montessaurus



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    Hi Stixs, welcome to the instructables community!  I've got a few points I'd like to make about your first 'ible here:

    1.  I like the way it looks, but can we have more finished pictures?  Or is is incomplete?  If so, you should wait to post until it's all done.  The most important time for getting views of your instructable is in the first few days, or even hours, after it was posted.  If it's not done yet, it likely won't be see by very many people.  I've had a number of my own projects end up burried way down deep in the stacks because of very few initial views.

    2.  Can you post a brief write up?  The nice thing about slideshows is that they aren't as reading/writing intensive as a full instructable, but it's helpful to have a basic description of the process, materials used, your thoughts on the build process, etc.

    3.  When you're working from someone else's instructable, it's important to give them credit in your write up.  It's really awesome as an author to have someone duplicate your work, and have them link back to the originator of the idea.  Actually, your instructable caught my eye because pokiespout is my big brother, and I thought he'd done some new work on his mask!  I see you were communicating with him, did you let him know it was done?  I know he'll be totally stoked to see your work!

    Again, welcome to instructables.  I'm looking forward to seeing more of your work, and I really would like to see some more finished pictures!