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Introduction: My Autonomous HomeMade Wall-E Robot

Everyone loved Wall-E, and it's no surprise that I also did...

I was walking through the Super Store buying groceries one night, when I took my usual detour through the toys section and spotted Wall-E. This is a toy made by Disney that was truely the most annoying and dissapointing item since the stupid iRobot Dinasourp.

This "toy" merely make wierd smashing noises and waves it's arms and head around. The box advertises "interactivity"... Other then the smashing noises, it does aboslutely nothing. It doesn't even move!!!! Only it's arms move, and they are animated together by a gear assembly and a single motor. Boo Hoo! Oh well, it was $22.95!

Enough of that!!

I took it apon myself to build a REAL Wall-E. That's fun and independent, etc.. I wanted to use the shell to make an autonomous version... And guess what? After some brainstorming, i decided that i can do it. Maybe...

I modified the circuit that came with the toy and stole it's eeprom. So now i can trigger the Wall-E samples "WALL-E and EVAH" etc.. :)

- 1 EZ-B EZ-Robot Kit:
- 2 GWS Nano servos for arms
- 1 GWS Pico servo for head tilting
- 2 modified parallex servos for movement treads
- 1 GWS regular servo for head left right
- 18F4685 microcontroller @ 20 mhz for brain
- 1 Sharp IR Distance sensor to see with
- My custom 40 pin PIC board ;)

So far he does lots of things. He's autonomous, which means he drives around and explores the world. He maps out his world in a 2D array stored in memory. His job isn't purely to drive around, as you can see in some of these videos, he has many animations and emotions...


So he pretty much has joined my collection of robot pets. The idea is to write the program so he doesn't get stuck or require interaction. Instead, he just does his own thing, looking for evah!



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    How did u make the wall-e talk???? Does this come with the kit???

    How did u make the wall-e talk???? Does this come with the kit???

    DJ ,
    I wonder if i could make wall e with arduino

    My friend, if you are still working on this project I highly recommend that if you wish to take the sensory devise to the next level that you incorporate a Micrsoft Kinect. It is cheap, the coding is readily available on the internet and the abilities of the sensor our astounding!

    You call kinect cheap??????? I have one and I payed 150 for it and it is soo much more fun on the xbox than cut up and used for a robot.

    Dear laddy, if you take a look at the conventional alternative hardware, you will see that in fact Kinect is extremely cheap in comparison.

    Yes, it is cheap in that way, but if I have a kinect, and an xbox Id rather play it than use it for a robot.

    Parts is parts.

    Oh, I'd love to cut up something with a M$ logo. ;-)

    did you get k-9 from parkers tutorials or somewhere else?

    I made it from scratch and used no other references. Check out more info about it at