Step 4: How to setup your camp like I did

After you have your gear, go camping! You want to look for trees that are in this formation:   

                o                    o


You want to hang your hammock between 2 sturdy trees, and use 2 smaller ones (Or your trekking poles) to spread your tarp out to the sides.  After the hammock is up, tie paracord between the slap straps to support the tarp. Thread paracord through the diagonal corner grommets(holes) on your tarp, and tie those to your carabiners tight.  Then, thread the other corner grommets and either tie them to a sapling, or, to a trekking pole, then make a guy wire to add stability to the pole.  You can setup a clothesline too, if you want.
ghicks13 years ago
Make sure you use slap-straps (as the author notes) to save the trees from damage, but avoid the ENO versions or any other Nylon ones--they will stretch overnight and you'll go to ground unintentionally. Instead, look for the polypropylene or polyester ones. Same holds for para cord--great stuff in general, but not for hammock suspension. Try Lash-it or Zing-it for the tarp (1/16" dia is rated at 450lbs) and 7/64" Amsteel Blue for human loads (rated at about 1600lbs, I think). Instead of carabiners, you can make soft shackles from Amsteel blue, and they'll only weigh a few grams, yet be overly strong. And for ease of setup, I haven't seen anything beat whoopie slings!