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Introduction: My Awesome Ball Machine

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I made this when my Science teacher challenged me to make a continous chain reaction project for bonus points.



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    zchan1120 i subscribed to you because your ball machine is so awesome. knexboy12345 is my friend and he isn't allowed to post comments because his parents said so. his parents said he is going to have to delete his account if he keeps commenting. what's the point of making an accont then? your really smart so you should know. i am not trying to be mean about that smart part, it is supposed to be a compliment. Your on my favorite knexers list. Not the nice 1 yet because i only got 1 comment from you but it was nice. 1 more nice comment and you can be on it.

    his parents are probably worried about the mean people out there. Sorry for the slow reply. This is the first time I've been on Instructables in a while.

    Thanks. I subscribed to you!!

    no problem! thanks!!!

    That wheel lift is I_am_Canadian's. I would know, I used it in my criss cross ball machine. :)

    Thanks!! I'll subscribe to you, too.

    Well, I subscribe to the people who subscribe to me to be nice.

    sorry. I visited your user page, but there was not a subscribe button for me to click on.

    Thanks! I'll sub to you, too.