My Awesome Led Cube





Introduction: My Awesome Led Cube

This is my version of the awesome led cube, its made of acetate sheets (translucent) and the a Pepsi can, with a multicoloured led circuit I from a cheap pen torch. I designed the 6th side of the cube to match the previous 5.



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    Hey !!!!!! you copied the patern from alex the great

    I GOT AN IDEA! how bout we make a whole bunch of these, and make them into a rubiks cube? impossible but that would be a very super special awesomely mega chocolate fudge coated idea!!

    I might actually try and make one! with different colors on each side

    Turning 26(?) of these into a Rubik's Cube shouldn,t be too tricky - providing you can scale the Cube's mechanism up sufficiently...

    Scaling these down to fit a Rubik's Cube mechanism would be rather more so...

    Having the resultant Cube light/not light up in specific ways, depending on the combinations may well be nigh-on impossible... ;-)

    Why scale them down, it would be much cooler to make a giant, glowing rubiks cube

    Cooler, yes...

    but so much more challenging to scale them down as well... ^_^

    Funny how you guys reply almost two years later. Because the Rubiks cube company(?) has made a light up touch screen rubiks cube since then :D

    There is probably no need to waste hot glue to create translucent effect,merely rub the inside surface of the acetate (perspex) with an abrasive sheet and you will "frost " up the box. For simple colour changing use a rainbow LED these are self contained led's with colour change built in (they need 4.5 volts though - so use 3 X 1.5 button cells). Great little projects like this can spark off many ideas,so well done.

    How is it controlled? Does it sense contact on the metal, or does it just cycle through the colours? Where is the on-off switch?

    See the little black pin thing sticking out of the circle in the center? thats the on\ off switch and u can make a circuit that switches on if it senses metal???