Introduction: My Awesome Little Boombox

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Hey everyone

Due to my recent success in building my first Boombox ( you can view it in my page ) , i got some extra spare time , so i decided that the best way for me to utilize it is by building something !

i saw those two crappy cheap speakers that i got on eBay for 35$ ,so i  decided to do something with them , instead letting them fill with dust


Step 1: Shopping List

Picture of Shopping List

1 .80x80 cm Plexiglas 
2. Screws and nuts  - about 70 pieces from each
3.Battery 12V 7 amp
4. set of speakers - invest at least 50 $ if you want to get a decent sound
5. Amplifier - got the Lepai T2020+ AMP- excellent amplifier
6. Wires for the speakers
7. soldering iron and soldering wire
8. different angles and angles - different sizes
9. Time , patience , and little self confidence .
10. Clamps
11. Hot Glue
12. Drill + set of drills 
13. Coffee !!

this whole project took me something like 16 hours ( working time ! ) - two days in total


Step 2: Sawing the Plexiglas

Picture of Sawing the Plexiglas

Carefully saw the Plexiglas .

I broke at least 3 pieces during the sawing till i got the hang of it .

the most important thing to do is use a sawing blade that is meant for metal - it has small Saw-tooth.

Step 3: Start Cutting the Angles According to the Size of Your Boombox

Picture of Start Cutting the Angles According to the Size of Your Boombox

Step 4: Start Attaching All the Angles , Side by Side to the Plexiglas

Picture of Start Attaching All the Angles , Side by Side to the Plexiglas

Step 5: Start Screwing the Bolts With the Nuts - Phase 1

Picture of Start Screwing the Bolts With the Nuts - Phase 1

this first phase is just for the adjusting of the pieces together.

this is the Tedious part , it takes a lot of time ! to match each angle to the Plexiglas , it takes a lot of time drilling the holes in the correct places .

 overall after building my first Boombox i took my time with this one , drilled each and every hole in the correct place and made sure not to brake the Plexiglas or drill in the wrong place - it happened a few times.

Step 6: Add Hinges for the Upper Case

Picture of Add Hinges for the Upper Case

Step 7: Attaching Everything Together Phase 2

Picture of Attaching Everything Together Phase 2

place all the bolts and nuts and all the pieces of the project till it completed.

 make sure that  it works , and sound OK, and make sure that it is built OK .

 then , disassemble everything  so you can tear off the Plexiglas protection cover  - Nylon 

Step 8: A Few Extra Views -

Picture of A Few Extra Views -

Step 9: Create a Switch for LED Light

Picture of Create a Switch for LED Light

took one little switch , connected ( soldered ) it to two wires and one small LED stripe.

 look even better !

after connecting the wires , i putted Shrinks ( to protect the wires )

then i heated them with a heat blower to " shrink " them

andddddd connected it to the Plexiglas 

Step 10: Create Two External / Internal Bolts for Charging

Picture of Create Two External / Internal Bolts for Charging

after hours of using the Boombox , i will need to charge it via an external charger ( 7$ on eBay )

Instead of removing the battery each and every time , i drilled two holes on the side of the Plexiglas , inserted two bolts and closed them.

 Then , i connected the internal wires of the battery directly to the bolts , and from those bolts to the Lepai amp.

Left bolt  -positive 
Right bolt  -negative 


Step 11: Gluing Wallpaper on Bottom Angles

Picture of Gluing Wallpaper on Bottom Angles

i glued some wallpaper on the bottom Angles , it`s much better looking then the plain steel 

Step 12: Final Assembly

Picture of Final Assembly

Slowly start to assemble everything back together , make sure not to scratch the Plexiglas.

Step 13: Final Assembly - Final!

Picture of Final Assembly - Final!

Step 14: Seal With RTV the Sides of the Boombox

Picture of Seal With RTV the Sides of the Boombox

we need to seal off any  small opening the Plexiglas  , in order to create a sealed space - for the Reflex port  to operate properly 

Step 15: " Beta " Video

hope you enjoyed!

Here is some small video ! - the sound is awesome! 

Comments are welcomed  :)

Step 16: One More Cool Video !


gjhart (author)2013-07-26

Great build! I am thinking about doing an airplay speaker system and I would like to use Plexiglas (it is cool to see the actual parts!). If you don't mind me asking, how well does this material handle vibrations -especially without insulation - and, out of curiosity, did you find that your reflex port works as well as a bass reflex tube? Thanks!

RoeyLeon (author)gjhart2013-07-27

That`s sound awesome!

maybe i will build one my self

what parts do you need exactly for this Airplay Boombox?

well about the vibrations, if you will look at my first boombox on my main page , it`s much bigger, and the main issue is that it has a real round Reflex port on the front,
more over it has an inner partition that isolates the front speaker and gives it a more acoustic build.

one both the boomboxes the reflex port works perfectly fine ! if you will get your hand close to that port while the music is banging you will feel the " wind " of the woofers

actually that quite amazing

Plexiglas i a very cool material, recommended!

sway (author)2013-06-13

Very nice "ible". I have to agree with SuperTech on the leds. This project just begs for flashing lights. And personally, I could see some really awesome Steampunk potential.
Great Job.

RoeyLeon (author)sway2013-07-14

appreciate it

ToXiCATOM (author)2013-07-02

cool dude!!!

RoeyLeon (author)ToXiCATOM2013-07-03

Thanks man!

thirst4know (author)2013-06-24

I just ordered 2 of those lepai amps. Ready to have for the rainy day. I will use coffee too. Thanks for the inspiration.

RoeyLeon (author)thirst4know2013-06-25

glad to hear !

Build something and upload it here so we can enjoy it also ;)

oli1122 (author)2013-06-01

This is very nice, well written and nice and informative. I will be sure to try this soon, although i think ill make two speakers and use it as a mini Hi-Fi :) thanks

RoeyLeon (author)oli11222013-06-01


hope to see you work soon ;)

Skymeat (author)2013-05-30

Way cool. I've been wanting to build something like this, but I was trying to find a BT receiver that would mount inside. Great inspiration and congrats for getting featured!

RoeyLeon (author)Skymeat2013-05-30

there is a BT receiver for this AMP - or any other

I bought one on eBay.- very recommended


GrumpyOldGoat (author)2013-05-30

I see a home built computer case in my future using this....


RoeyLeon (author)GrumpyOldGoat2013-05-30

Sounds an amazing project "!

upload when you finish :)

zomfibame (author)2013-05-29

very nice

RoeyLeon (author)zomfibame2013-05-29

Thanks dude !

Restrained Inventor (author)2013-05-29

It looks awesome


onemoroni1 (author)2013-05-28

Nice job and result.

RoeyLeon (author)onemoroni12013-05-28


wini1996 (author)2014-09-09

hey great speaker i was just wondering what the volume adjuster was called since i can't seem to find any anywhere i look thanks.

wini1996 (author)2014-09-09

hey great speaker i was just wondering what the volume adjuster was called since i can't seem to find any anywhere i look thanks.

Ronny_the_king (author)2013-12-01

Awesome project! Intrueged me to build one myself.

I have some questions: what is the thickness of your plexiglass, overall project cost, does the amplifier get hot (I want to build it into the housing), what power do you recommend for the speakers ( I see that you have 2X250W max) and last but not least how do you know when your battery is fully charged?

RoeyLeon (author)Ronny_the_king2013-12-02

The thickness is about 3mm , but if you want it to be stronger you can use the 4mm !
Overall project cost...about 120$...
The amp is not getting hot at all . you can place it inside the Plexiglas - don`t worry

You can also use a pair of 150WATTS speakers

i have an external charger ... that is the only way to know when the battery is charged .. the light or the charger turns into green ...

good luck!

nvoorst (author)2013-11-11

I was wondering if I could use a computer power supply instead of the battery?? also can a mp3 decoder with fm tuner be used with that amplifier? was wanting to use 2 6x9's thanks nick.. great build btw

nate2thedog (author)2013-08-15

Is it necessary to use a 12V 7Amp battery, I was looking to build this and have a new 12V 5Amp battery laying around. would this battery work as well?

RoeyLeon (author)nate2thedog2013-08-15

Actually you can use even a 4amp battery

The more the Amps the longer it would work

The Lepai amp requires a minimum of 2Amps

The best is to give it at least twice of what it needs

12 volt 5 amp is peractlly fine

I would recommend also to invest in some small Crossover, that would give you a better clear sound.

And will also give you the option to increase the sound output via the coils inside the Crossovers

Good luck!

gjhart (author)2013-07-27

Sorry but for the time being I am unable to reply to your message, so here is my reply: :)

Thank you for the info! I will be sure to make a tutorial on it when I get started in a week or so! It is great news that the reflex ports work well. I figured the other boombox's divider was for more than structure. Very well thought out design on your part!

RoeyLeon (author)gjhart2013-07-28


waiting to see your instructable !

good luck!

ornarvaezjr (author)2013-06-07

nice, cool little project to do with my grandson.

RoeyLeon (author)ornarvaezjr2013-07-14

Very nice idea.
let him build and experience with it

KsCustoms (author)2013-07-09

Hey! i'm building a boombox just like yours! do you get heavy feedback when charging while the amp is turned on?

RoeyLeon (author)KsCustoms2013-07-14


actually , it happen to me once , and i got all worrying that maybe it would harm the AMP , so i disconnected it .

but since then it didn`t happen .,.. weird..

lixiang3700 (author)2013-06-08

i really don't like this.

jaguiar1 (author)2013-05-31

i really want to make so many instructables..but the problem is that i always forgot to do that and its only in the middle of the project that i remember =(

RoeyLeon (author)jaguiar12013-05-31

then keep a reminder to your self.

im quite sure that you have interesting things to do

jaguiar1 (author)2013-05-31

yes but are many teeth sizes so...and depends to the quality of the plexiglas =P but ok..but good job on that xD check out the speaker that i have made with a monster energy can =P unfortunately i dont have a instructable for that --'

RoeyLeon (author)jaguiar12013-05-31

Looks good!

next time that you plan on building something like that , upload the stages on the project.

im sure that we can learn from you ;)

martiapan (author)2013-05-31

You can make the LEDS to dance with the music to make a more cooler efect!

RoeyLeon (author)martiapan2013-05-31

i know!

someone told me that already .

maybe i will . i just need to read how to do it ,

i think that i need to connect them directly to the speakers ports and add some capacitor in between .

either way , lightning is way cooler than nothing

wdsims63 (author)2013-05-31

What material are the angles made from?

RoeyLeon (author)wdsims632013-05-31



in the future i will use Carbon Fiber :)

jaguiar1 (author)2013-05-31

its much easier to cut with a holesaw =) and if you want to cut with the jigsaw you need to use a blade for wood

RoeyLeon (author)jaguiar12013-05-31

I have only a few small sizes of holesaw , so i could not use them for the speakers , they are 4" in diameter .

as per the jigsaw , if you`ll use a blade for wood ( with big spaced teeth ) the Plexiglas will brake instantly.

tried it before.

the best way as i wrote is to use a blade designated for metal .
it has small ,close teeth


eschneck (author)2013-05-30

I'll give you kudos on the project, but I'm concerned about so many things here. Speakers need to be tuned to the box they are going in, as does the port (if you're adding one). Resonance frequency should be taken into account - putting a port in the box to prevent speaker flutter isn't the correct method. Experiment with both ported and sealed boxes. Heck, if you want to really get crazy build a 4th order bandpass enclosure and then you'll see some crazy sound!

RoeyLeon (author)eschneck2013-05-30


unfortunately i don't have that much of understanding in the field of sound .

but i heard the sound before i had a Reflex port and after and defiantly there is a difference in the sound

maybe i`ll add some additional Plexiglas in the middle - and that will give me a richer sound. but i need to see how to mount it and in which angle

JimTheSoundman (author)2013-05-30

For anyone thinking of building this: Unless you've worked with Plexiglas before, I'd highly recommend you spend a bit more and get Lexan, instead of regular Plexiglas. It's expensive, but it's much more difficult to crack or break. And, if you are thinking of putting a port in the box, instead of making it completely sealed, make sure you get a speaker designed for ported boxes. There are many free calculators that will help you figure out how big a port to make, so it works properly with the speaker you have selected. Check here for more info:

RoeyLeon (author)JimTheSoundman2013-05-30

you are correct.

but sometimes you can do something - create something - build something just for the fun in making it and not in the sake of creating something perfectly sound-able.

but good point

darkblood (author)2013-05-30

I'd be tempted to put a cover over those bolts. I've shorted SLA batteries before, and it was not pretty.

RoeyLeon (author)darkblood2013-05-30

thought about it , but how would i create those custom bolt covers ?

The battery itself is not moving at all , it has two hinges on top to keep it from moving

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