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I needed a Ball Mill for a Black Powder mix and when i browsed the internet they weren't too expensive but looking at them i thought " I could make one for a lot less".. so here goes.......
 MATERIALS...1/ A Float (either for toilet cistern or water tank) 2/ A bolt ( i used an old one i found laying around). 3/ A cork  4/ A wood dowl 5/ 2 drill bits (20mm flat wood and the other just a bit smaller in diameter than the dowl) 6/ some ceramic baking beads.

Step 1: Cut Head

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Place the Bolt in a vice or some other clamp and cut off the head with a hacksaw or disc cutter

Step 2: Insert Bolt

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Using the vice to hold the cut end of the bolt screw the float on to bolt... This may be a bit tough because my bolt was quite a bit wider but persevere with it.....................

Step 3: Drill Float

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Turn the float so the base is facing you and drill a 20mm hole one side and the smaller one across from it...........

Step 4: Insert

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Put the dowl in the smaller of the two holes and put the ceramic beads in the larger hole ( i use about 20-30) . Put what ever your milling in and push cork in.............

Step 5:

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Put on drill and mill (i use my cordless because its easier to controll the speed).... I have made a few of these for different chemicals... The floats cost me 87pence from Wilkinsons and the Ceramic beads were £3.50 from there aswell......


Lorddrake (author)2011-09-06

Wouldn't it be easier to put the bolt into the float before you cut the head off of it?

pj63 (author)Lorddrake2011-09-06

I found it trickier that way!!! The bolt head has to be placed in the vice and it sometimes moved when you put any force on the float to insert it. The way i showed was the easier way and if the bolt got hot it might warp the connection point. Thanks...

Lorddrake (author)pj632011-09-06

fair enough .. I stand corrected. :)

snoyes (author)2011-09-06

What purpose does the dowel serve?

pj63 (author)snoyes2011-09-06

Sorry i forgot that.....I use the small hole to pour the contents out that way i dont have to fish the balls out.. That way if you mix something nasty you dont have to touch it or glove up......... Thanks and sorry again im just learning to post

Kiteman (author)2011-09-05

Never mind the drill, make two, stick on a salsa DVD and dance along!

(For our colonial readers, "Wilkinsons" is a budget store in the UK.)

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