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When I don't have a heavy duty project for the garage, I enjoy working at my workbench in the basement, tucked into the corner of our utility room. This space works wonderfully for many small projects... building/soldering electronics, repairing toys & gadgets, making homemade wine, and enjoying the occasional beverage from the fridge.

Portions (life the pegboard) are organized, and others are not. When I'm not doing a project in my workspace, improving the workspace itself becomes the ongoing project.

Here are a few photos of my setup, hopefully they can give you ideas for your own workspace!


frostyfreeze (author)2014-11-04

Peg board... DUH! Just what my workspace needs. Thanks for the tip :)

pfred2 (author)2011-02-10

What is it with pegboard? I guess it makes OK sanding table tops but other than that it is sheet with holes in it as far as I'm concerned.

benbrandt22 (author)pfred22011-02-10

Yes, it is sheet with holes... evenly spaced to make it very easy to set up and organize your things, which is also easy to reconfigure as needed. It may not be for everyone, but it works well for me.

pfred2 (author)benbrandt222011-02-10

I keep my things in my drawers but to each their own!

lebowski (author)2011-02-07

What's in the fridge?

benbrandt22 (author)lebowski2011-02-08

Soda, beer, some wine, and some winemaking yeast in storage :-)

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