Picture of My Beetlebot(s)
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So I came across a Make: Weekend Project a couple of years ago and decided to make these. All credits go to Jerome Demers and his Beetlebot Instructable -

So far I've made 2 Beetlebots.
Need a demonstration?
FahadR1 month ago
I request yor please you sent a video how to make this robot my id i waiting your comment
[\ lol! brohoof!
Is there any way that you could post possible design prints or maybe some in depth explanations on how you wired this exactly. I really don't understand exactly how to get all of this together and it would be amazing to get some help with it.
Much appreciated, thanks :D
prosper58 (author)  FueledbyRamen3 years ago
Jerome's instructable shows just how you should wire it. (and everything else)
Thanks, I feel stupid for asking this because I didn't see his original guide ;p