Bi-polar Tesla Coil





Introduction: Bi-polar Tesla Coil

I have recently completed an tested a bi-polar tesla coil. It didnt really take very long to complete, so I figured I'd post a photo instructable about it. Its powered by a 12kv 30ma NST, with 6 yoohoo bottle capacitors. I actually had some complecations when iI  tried it out for the first time. The secondary is a 1-1/2 inch diameter piece of PVC pipe, an the primary was wound on a 2 inch PVC pipe coupling. Well it turns out that thesecondary was close enough to the primary to arc to it, an it caught it on fire in one place,lol. So I wound the primary on a 4 inch PVC pipe coupling, an that solved the problem. So now it works great, well in my opinion,lol. Im pretty proud of it, so tell me what you think.



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It probably smells ozone like hell while in action! :P

Please give the wire specs
Waiting for the instructable though....

Is it possible to feed a music input to it like some of the videos Ive seen?

yes but you have to make it solid state (so no spark gap) and have special circuitry that will pulse the freq with the music but it is relitivly simple to do

Are you going to post instructions as to how built it? That would be really cool.

Here is the inscrutable for my Tesla Coil.


Im doing a project for school and Im wondering if you could E-mail me how you made this . It is already approved by my teacher im not sure if you can see my email on my profile so it

Thanks ,

How many nF are you getting out of those capacitors? I'm sure you could easily increase the output of your coil by adding more (the resonant capacitor value for your coil is around 7nF, which seems like more than you can get out of 6 bottles).

I think i measured them at around 3.8 nF, an Ive been meaning to add more capacitors I just havnt gotten around to it.

hey mate, thats awesome ay, never seen one like that before! So thats the primary in the middle? and 2 separate secondaries or is it one long one going the whole way through? Fantastic, well done!