My Bionicle (should I Post?)





Introduction: My Bionicle (should I Post?)

I made this Bionicle guy about a year ago, and I was wondering if I should post.  He is really neat, and is my first good custom bionicle.  I will post if i get enough requests, as it is complicated, and i don't want to post something no one is going to build.  Enjoy!



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Questions & Answers


I have the pictures, but am kinda lazy to post it. I am thinking about it though.

awesome but the legs are a little scrawny i havent had a shot at making an armored bionicle since they introduced jointed arms and legs (seriously most of it was slizer parts) so you have inspired me and i shall make one and post pictures

ok paragraph over

Gonna be posted. =)

yer it looks good poast it

Gonna be posted. =)