My Bionicle (should I Post?)




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Introduction: My Bionicle (should I Post?)

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I made this Bionicle guy about a year ago, and I was wondering if I should post.  He is really neat, and is my first good custom bionicle.  I will post if i get enough requests, as it is complicated, and i don't want to post something no one is going to build.  Enjoy!



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    I have the pictures, but am kinda lazy to post it. I am thinking about it though.

    awesome but the legs are a little scrawny i havent had a shot at making an armored bionicle since they introduced jointed arms and legs (seriously most of it was slizer parts) so you have inspired me and i shall make one and post pictures

    ok paragraph over

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    Gonna be posted. =)

    Gonna be posted. =)

    *yes it looks good post it*

    Thanks, I will prolly get around to it sometime.

    it sure as hell looks good, but how do you make a midsection joint?

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    Gonna be posted soon. =)

    Post it! Post it! Post it! im also one of the only kids in my grade that plays with legos and bionicles im 1 of 3 and i admitted it to peeps and my reputation is still good so as i was saying... Post it! Post it! Post it! Post it! Post it! Post it! Post it! ITS EPIC!!! P.S people that have putting negative comments STOP IT he may have a different image in bionicles like my image is transforming ones infact i have a transforming jet that looks good in both forms maybe i should post it and my heavy assault carrier( havent given him a name but keep on giving me ideas for him and jet guy)

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    Gonna be posted soon. =)

    Hey! I made one since my baby brother was playing with bionicles. 
    So I thought, hey! Maybe I should make one, and then show RC!!!
    Well here are my pics, and I think my bionicle would win in a fight against yours XD I'm such a kid...

    bionicle 003.jpgbionicle 001.jpgbionicle 002.jpg
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    ive got one that will beat yours just by standing on it, it is huge, so thats why. but anyway, is this your first? it looks cool

    cool it looks like a pokemon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (not to be mean)

    That is a good start, but you really need to work on cleaning it up.  Don't just slap on random cool stuff you find, make it have a "purpose" or add something worthwhile to the model.  That is what some of my first MOCed bionicles looked like, It took years to get them right.