My Bionicle (should I Post?)





Introduction: My Bionicle (should I Post?)

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I made this Bionicle guy about a year ago, and I was wondering if I should post.  He is really neat, and is my first good custom bionicle.  I will post if i get enough requests, as it is complicated, and i don't want to post something no one is going to build.  Enjoy!



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    awesome but the legs are a little scrawny i havent had a shot at making an armored bionicle since they introduced jointed arms and legs (seriously most of it was slizer parts) so you have inspired me and i shall make one and post pictures

    ok paragraph over

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    Post it! Post it! Post it! im also one of the only kids in my grade that plays with legos and bionicles im 1 of 3 and i admitted it to peeps and my reputation is still good so as i was saying... Post it! Post it! Post it! Post it! Post it! Post it! Post it! ITS EPIC!!! P.S people that have putting negative comments STOP IT he may have a different image in bionicles like my image is transforming ones infact i have a transforming jet that looks good in both forms maybe i should post it and my heavy assault carrier( havent given him a name but keep on giving me ideas for him and jet guy)

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    Hey! I made one since my baby brother was playing with bionicles. 
    So I thought, hey! Maybe I should make one, and then show RC!!!
    Well here are my pics, and I think my bionicle would win in a fight against yours XD I'm such a kid...

    bionicle 003.jpgbionicle 001.jpgbionicle 002.jpg
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    ive got one that will beat yours just by standing on it, it is huge, so thats why. but anyway, is this your first? it looks cool

    That is a good start, but you really need to work on cleaning it up.  Don't just slap on random cool stuff you find, make it have a "purpose" or add something worthwhile to the model.  That is what some of my first MOCed bionicles looked like, It took years to get them right.