Color inkjet prints on transparency sheets.

Step 1: Supplies

Color Inkjet Printer
Transparency Sheets
Scissors or Exacto Knife
Scotch Tape or Super Glue
Thanks for the inspiration.<br>1) re drew heart using yours as a template, moved it to right side.<br>2) Font for text was same as classic Doom games; moved to left and mirrored.<br>3) Printed all on one OHP sheet.<br>4) folded in half. <br>5) for support folded up edges at top and bottom. <br>6) lightly used great gun along edges and recreased them so they didn't unfold and card remains upright.
heat* gun (lol)
<p>Awesomeness! </p>
the idea's great.. <br>but how do i paste the two printed sheets..? <br>did u use super glue or pvc glue..
Hi! I never used glue, but found the ink was sticky and would hold my two sheets together. A little dab of clear glue in the corner could make them a bit stronger, not a bad idea at all...
That is so clever!
This is awesome! Great design. :D

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