Picture of My Bloody Valentine, Valentines
Color inkjet prints on transparency sheets.

Step 1: Supplies

Color Inkjet Printer
Transparency Sheets
Scissors or Exacto Knife
Scotch Tape or Super Glue
philic made it!6 months ago
Thanks for the inspiration.
1) re drew heart using yours as a template, moved it to right side.
2) Font for text was same as classic Doom games; moved to left and mirrored.
3) Printed all on one OHP sheet.
4) folded in half.
5) for support folded up edges at top and bottom.
6) lightly used great gun along edges and recreased them so they didn't unfold and card remains upright.
philic philic6 months ago
heat* gun (lol)
lmnopeas1 year ago


hraman2 years ago
the idea's great..
but how do i paste the two printed sheets..?
did u use super glue or pvc glue..
clintsleeper (author)  hraman2 years ago
Hi! I never used glue, but found the ink was sticky and would hold my two sheets together. A little dab of clear glue in the corner could make them a bit stronger, not a bad idea at all...
That is so clever!
This is awesome! Great design. :D