This is the boat me and my dad built will post more detailed pictures later.

you can find the plans a www.clcboats.com
Its a nice boat and great work on it... however the link you gave is to buy plans. Is this an instructible or a commercial to get traffic? <br>
beautiful !!!!
Anybody that wants to build an easy, inexpensive sailboat should check out a Puddle Duck at pdracer.org. Three sheets of plywood, a couple 2x4s, and a tarp for a sail...
It look like a optimist.
Thats a nice boat.
&nbsp;Nice job. You will have lots of fun with that.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> For those of you wanting to build a boat but don't have much woodworking experience or have 6 thumbs, google stitch and glue construction.&nbsp;<br />
or the plywood boats my dad and i want to build at boatdesigns.com<br />
&nbsp;Great job!
I love the boat. It has been a hope that my son and I would some day undergo a similar project. What experience did you take away from it? was it fun? Would you consider making an instructable?
and yes it was very fun.
well.. since we already made it i probly wont be able to make a instructable, but the website i gave is pretty good.
thanks all!
Nice boat.
Nice looking boat! I'd like to make a boat someday...
Nice boat !!

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