This is my K'Nex pistol were you pull back the firing pin then upll the trigger. It is based on the Luger pistol and an M4 carbine. If you want the instructions let me know
It' s good but the trigger is mean ... I' ve a pistol / sniper too : " The Revenge V.100 " ( you can see that on : www.instructables.com/id/4-K-nex-guns-Instructions-coming-soon-/ ) , and it' s the same system ...
If you wanna see a cool gun..............look at the Kar98k model.
its good but how can u cross an asult carbine(m4) and a pistol (luger)<br />
I have seen a better M4.
what sucks?<br />
yo ma
what the hell does that mean? if you mean i suck well youd suck a damn sight more than me although my stuff isnt that good at least i tried if you didn't mean i suck u apologize for any inconvience
twas a joke i dont mean u suck :) srry man
it's ok dude hey do you like nirvana
Oh there ok :) smells like teen spirit is the best Check out my new gun :D
i like lithum also nice gun <br>
can I have the instructions
It's not a luger, smart one, looks nothing like it. More like a pistol from Star Wars. Not even a good gun, i built it, fell apart after 2 shots, rebuilt it, broke a piece on firing. Used rubber bands, snapped in 2 shots, the tape did nothing. On the other hand, the true trigger holds up pretty decent, though it does misfire. Overall, I rate this gun 1.5 out of 5. This gun has potential, but not enough
i think the wheel is for like the mech on the real gun but the way you put it it sounds like it sux
It just gets in the way of the ramrod.
a. what the heck is the wheel for?<br /> b. not a bolt action<br /> c. not a luger<br /> d. if you need that much tape to hold a pistol together, it's probably really fragile and weak.<br />
I agree!
the wheel is prob to look like a luger but *cough cough* fail
NOT&nbsp;BOLT&nbsp;ACTION.<br /> Firing pin=/=Bolt<br />
I&nbsp;second that.<br />
i second his second
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Bolt action is like the kar 98k or lee enfield so it aint bolt action. mettaurlover is right!
Please don't necro comments...
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