Picture of My Burlap Christmas Tree
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Step 1: Tree Base

Picture of Tree Base
I started with a long piece of scrap board about 7' long. I needed stability so I screwed the board into a 5 gallon bucket and filled the bucket with sand.

Step 2: Tree Frame

Picture of Tree Frame
14, 12:06 AM.jpg
14, 12:06 AM.jpg
14, 12:06 AM.jpg
I wanted the tree to be at least half round and I knew I wanted the ability to staple the fabric onto the tree form. So I needed to figure a way to frame out the tree shape with wood. I did this by putting a small cross beam at the top of the spine and a longer one at the base. I also added about 7 different sized 'feet' perpendicular to the bottom cross beam, thinking I could screw boards vertically from the base of the tree form to the pointed top.

Step 3: Covering The Tree

Picture of Covering The Tree
I covered the tree with brown burlap first. Without a solid base I could see the wood through the green burlap.

Step 4: Adding The Green Burlap

Picture of Adding The Green Burlap
14, 12:06 AM.jpg
14, 12:06 AM.jpg
I was inspired by a video I watched on making a burlap wreath! I thought to just 'oversize' the wreath instructions and it just might work... IT DID! I cut the burlap into 2' x 6' sections. I used upholstery thread and stitched very loose stitches in a zig zag pattern from one end of the burlap to the otherand tied it off at the finishing stitch. Then at the starting point it gently started to 'scrunch' up the fabric and tied it to the section where I started to scrunch. So now I had a weird looking semi wrinkled hunk of fabric... Time to staple!
mommywoman8 months ago
What a great idea! Beats all those trees covered with tinsel garland which look tacky as far as I am concerned. Maybe incorporate wide ribbon with the burlap to serve as garland or cut into long pieces and placed randomly. Or try painting the part of the tree covered with burlap a dark green and maybe it won't show if you miss any spots. I do like itl Very elegant looking I think. Kermit needs a Santa hat.
zanasss11 months ago
realyy fantastic
dmartin491 year ago
love it!