Me and my awesome grandfathers catapult project painted camo. It shoots a volleyball about 60-70 ft. high and 60-70 far. It takes 2 or 3 people to fire it. Please vote this in the Launch It contest and the Krylon contest. Thank you.
this is really helpful on making this considering there aren't any instructer
This is a great catapult. Would like to see it fire. <br>Cammo is cool. Good luck!
Nice catapult, but how do you make it?
It's actually a Catapult/Trebuchet. We used weights <em>and</em> springs (a catapult uses springs, a trebuchet weights). It uses a pvc pole for the launcher (the bar that the basket is&nbsp;attached to), and it's made primarily out of wood.
It says you can submit a photo, step by step or a video entry.
I'm going to add a video showing how far it shoots.<br>
Awesome catapult!

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