Picture of My Car Stereo - Ipod Enabled
Kindly Note: Do this at your own risk, Chances are that, you could spoil you Ipod and your Car Audio.
How you can make your car Audio, Ipod Enabled, I have a Pioneer Car Audio and Ipod Mini. You need Audio cables and stereo 2 mono pin.

Step 1: Check whether your Car Audio has AUX

Before you start this experiment check whether you Audio system support AUX, I have a Pioneer CD Player which supports AUX
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carlos03232 years ago
remember guys, if you have an amp. connected to that rca output and any preamp console to set your music, although you can connect an aux. cable to that and use a cd or monitor input for aux. but only if the preamp have input rca, good luck!!!
Chicco802 years ago
And if we were to use an audio cable to a PC jack to RCA would be more practical
bowmaster3 years ago
You can get cables that have the two red and white audio jacks at one end, and a stereo 1/8" jack at the other end, which would make this a lot less bulky.
Why did you connect the yellow one? Isn't it for video?
It doesn't matter in this case. Since its going from the 3 red yellow white to 3 red yellow white they are really just wires. The colours can be used interchangeably.
Acxtually it isn't strictly true. You should use the red and white connectors as these cable are intended for audio. The cable with the yellow connector used for video often has a different impedance such as for 75 ohm composite video connection.
it looks like you can just pull that yellow one off
Mia Lou5 years ago
Plug this into the back of your car stereo.
Then it's all hidden away in your glove box and you can keep the factory stereo look.
jkotila5 years ago
jist buy a ipod compatible head unit, unless you like to tinker
...don't people come to this site precisely because they like to tinker?
trgz bagshotrow5 years ago
This is tinkering:
redford845 years ago
Gotta make sure the female rca ports are for INPUT and not output. A few older headsets (from pawn shops for the money consience people out there) only have output with no input (which is stupid).
I don't think it's "stupid" per se. Those outputs are generally used for driving an amplifier for a subwoofer at line level. The last couple head units I've had have had several outputs (front/read/subs), the newest actually having an input in the form of a 1/8" stereo headphone jack.
j574sbi5 years ago
Y cable, $3 at walmart.
amen to that
stephenkl9 years ago
I did all the steps which mentioned above but when I choose the Tuner/radio, it make noise, why ? Why choose Tuner/Radio but not AUX ?
I really don't think he thought this through very well. Yes select the AUX on your head unit and it should work.
Blackice5046 years ago
its a RCA Stereo to 3.5mm jack for any MP3 Player or the 2.5mm Jack for ipod and some mobile phones btw people if you get a power spike from your aux on your head deck you should get that checked because Normaly there is no way for that to happen if your Deck is built correctly as Aux is a Input and normaly has coupling cap's so that DC voltage does not pass them.
mickey_0796 years ago
Pionner from a certain model and up (this one has it) has an extra socket in the back of the unit for a special AUX cable. The way you did it is ok, but can damage your iPod as it can sometimes can get a spike in voltage an overload the iPod.
Douglass7 years ago
I have the same head unit. Don't use the the RCA jacks. They are for the amplifier. The resulting audio output would be terrible. The auxillary input is in an 8 or 10 pin connector at the back. You can map it if you like to find out which goes to the right and left channels.
*YOU ARE (Contractions are rarely used when yelling)
Lol, i really do not see how you can ruin your ipod or stereo like this, unless you got mad and beat it up or something ;)
Did any one notice the reflection of him and his camera off the ipod hah! Good ible for those who didnt know about this. Of course you could always go to your local best buy, in the speaker section, and find adapters for your head unit (hopefully).
I found an error, you said "Chances are that, you could spoil you Ipod and your Car Audio." when really its "Chances are, You could spoil You're Ipod and you Car Stereo."
There's a simple way to figure out which one to use. Say both of these out loud: "You could spoil you are iPod" "You could spoil your iPod" I normally avoid being a grammar nazi, but you were correcting somebody else...
Nice work. Saving the world, one homonym at a time. ;)
hutchwilco6 years ago
that's not stereo to mono, it's just 3.5mm headphone jack to RCA stereo...
to clear up confusion; many RCA ports on the back of stereos are PREAMP out - they are designed to send the audio signal to a dedicated amp. (you've really got to want volume to use this). These can't be used as inputs. If they say input next to them you can use an ipod/mp3 player. The cables and adaptors in this instructable are more bulky and complicated than is really needed. just get a 3.5mm headphone stereo jack to RCA stereo cable - much less bulky.
linuxlifer6 years ago
what store can i purchase Stereo 2 mono out pin plug
ultimavoid6 years ago
yea the cable you need is called a RCA to 1/8" or "y" cable. i think walmart sell 'em for around $5. but this will work.
Douglass6 years ago
Is there a diference between AUX RCA and Preouts RCA
leszly0077 years ago
I tried the steps given here by vinodvv on my Pioneer car stereo (DEH-P5650MP). It works but the output is only from the front speakers. I checked at the local car accessories shop and they say that all what's possible when connecting to the RCA connector. Will I get output from rear speakers too if I connect using CD-RB10 sold by Pioneer?
Mine is the same but it is only from the back and it gets fuzzy if you turn it up loud on the Ipod the car volume doesn't make a difference
abadfart7 years ago
you know you can get a cable to do that at the dolor store
h3idi7 years ago
www.dealextreme.com for cheap cables for your projects. delivery takes a little while since it's from Hong Kong but it's free, even on a $10 order. i live in canada, and i LOVE them.
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