My Car Stereo - Ipod Enabled





Introduction: My Car Stereo - Ipod Enabled

Kindly Note: Do this at your own risk, Chances are that, you could spoil you Ipod and your Car Audio.
How you can make your car Audio, Ipod Enabled, I have a Pioneer Car Audio and Ipod Mini. You need Audio cables and stereo 2 mono pin.

Step 1: Check Whether Your Car Audio Has AUX

Before you start this experiment check whether you Audio system support AUX, I have a Pioneer CD Player which supports AUX

Step 2: Remove Your Car Audio From Your Car.

After you remove your car Audio examine at the back to find left and the right channels

Step 3: Stereo 2 Mono Out Pin

What you see is a Stereo 2 mono out pin which is very much required for you to connect your Ipod Output.

Step 4: Audio Cables

What you see is the Audio Video cable Which I had a spare, you can use just the Audio cables instead of 3 wires you will have only 2 pins on eigther sides

Step 5: Connect Your Stereo 2 Mono Pin

Use one end of your Audio cable to connect with stereo 2 mono pin

Step 6: Connect Your Audio Cable

Use the other end of the Audio cable to connect to your car Audio System

Step 7: Connect Your Ipod

Now choose the Stereo 2 mono pin and connect it to your Ipod output

Step 8: Now Take a Test Drive

Put your car audio back in to the same position of your car and I hope you remember the power connections and other cable connections.

Choose the Tuner/Radio, play the ipod and you should be able to hear the music/podcast.

After I bought the Ipod I have thinking of hearing the podcast while I travel in my Car, I travel around 22 KMS which actually takes me an hour on Indian roads during peak hours.

Disclaimer: Try it at your OWN RISK, I am not responsible for any damages for any of your belongings, I have tried and it works for me.



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    remember guys, if you have an amp. connected to that rca output and any preamp console to set your music, although you can connect an aux. cable to that and use a cd or monitor input for aux. but only if the preamp have input rca, good luck!!!

    And if we were to use an audio cable to a PC jack to RCA would be more practical

    You can get cables that have the two red and white audio jacks at one end, and a stereo 1/8" jack at the other end, which would make this a lot less bulky.

    It doesn't matter in this case. Since its going from the 3 red yellow white to 3 red yellow white they are really just wires. The colours can be used interchangeably.

    Acxtually it isn't strictly true. You should use the red and white connectors as these cable are intended for audio. The cable with the yellow connector used for video often has a different impedance such as for 75 ohm composite video connection.

    it looks like you can just pull that yellow one off

    jist buy a ipod compatible head unit, unless you like to tinker

    ...don't people come to this site precisely because they like to tinker?