This is the cardboard giraffe I made. These pictures were taken at a friends house. I covered a box in white paper and painted it yellow, then I cut up my science fair poster and made it into the legs and neck and head. Then I cut holes in the legs and body so I could tie them on with yarn so that I could kind of sit down.It's actually a costume and it's really hard to bend over when I'm wearing it.

In three of the pictures I kinda just threw him in a chair.
It's right eye looks really messed up because I was wearing it and tried bending over to draw it on and I'm left handed so it was kind of hard to do.
I was able to watch it on your photobucket...I like the music, but I was hoping for a view <em>of</em> you in it, not <em>from</em> you in it. <br/>
I want to see a picture of you in it!
Today I took a video while riding a bike with it. And one in a wheelbarrow running over a Reddi-whip can on the side of the road.
Post the video!
I will as soon as I upload the stuff off of my camera.
Do it nowww!
I hate my voice on camera.
aww cmonnn
Hold your horses. How do I put it on here without using Youtube? I'll try Photobucket....
yeah, photobucket oughtta work.
It would if my camera didn't get all messed up. I thought they were done uploading and went and deleted them off of my camera. Turns out they are no longer on my camera or computer. :( It makes me mad. It's all because of Digger.....
I made a new video with me riding a bike with my cardboard giraffe!
Yay! Did you upload it yet?
I'm uploading it from my camera right now.
Awesome, let me know when it's ready for watching
Perhaps I can try making another video tomorrow. As for now here is a picture of the beach.
You should see me try to walk down stairs with it...
Haha, cool, looks pretty big, nice job Sunbanks!
totally i;m making one lol favorited!
:D I'm going to hang mine from the ceiling.
Very....ahh....somewhat...anatomically correct. Well, it has a neck....I think...
Haha yeah, it does. I still need to paint spots on it and make it look more like a giraffe.

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