Make a Name Plate for Your Love Ones Using Multicolor LEDs




Introduction: Make a Name Plate for Your Love Ones Using Multicolor LEDs

If you see my previous project(serial LED light using multicolor LDs) then you might know i bought 1000pcs LED for my project but I did not use all LEDs in my project and there are hundreds of LEDs are Left So' I thought I can use this to make my channel logo(see image) and I started to make it....So in this post i am going to share my experience and HOW CAN YOUR MAKE YOUR OWN LED Board... Make a name plate for your love ones.....Lets start..........

Step 1: Step 1:-Materials and Tools Required

I am using 5mm LEDs (multicolor) for the board and About 9*14cm of Purfboard and Some jumpers soldering iron, soldering paste, soldering wire, Wire stripper,5 to9 Volt Adapter & a DC jack.All the materials and tools are listed below and you can find this in your local hobby shop as well as electronics shop...Here is the full material list and use images as reference.....

1)5mm LEDs (no.of leds are depend on your board size)

2)5 or 9 volt Adapter

3)DC jack

4)jumpers and wires

5)soldering iron

6)soldering paste

7)soldering wire

I bught this materials from local electronics shop in India.......Lets make it....

Step 2: Step 2:- How to Make My Own...

After getting all listed materials make a rough design on purfboard(you can us Cardboard as well) using marker pen and place The LEDs parallely on the board use jumpers if required(like in image) and first make full design using LEDs and after placing all LEDs as your design Solder the terminals of LEDs on purfboard(+ve to +Ve and -Ve to-Ve). After soldering all things in it's place connect DC jack to the board.....and your logo or Name plate is ready...

Connect the Dc adapter of 5 or 9 volt and switch on the adapter ...Here your board is glowing..if it's not glowing check your connection properly and try again....Here is how my channel logo looks like...Check video...

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