My Coffe Pallet Table !!




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Introduction: My Coffe Pallet Table !!

My Coffe Pallet Table !! video step by step --->

I youse 2 pallet !!

Step 1:

 I needed 2 clean pallets !!!  

Step 2:

Having spent with the Velatouri cleaned well, I started rubbing with the sander !! The holes of the nails was not closed because I wanted to leave the palette in archiktis form !! 

Step 3:

I left the pallets to dry !! Then I started to paint with lacquer water to not have unpleasant odors !!
Suddenly while painted, began abruptly rain ..... and I covered the construction

Step 4:

After 2 coats of paint define the result! Color is Walnut !!

Step 5:

Here I make drawers that open with simple roads !
drawers are also by removing the pallet onto boards !!

Step 6:

See here a little more clearly the drawer !! 

Step 7:

For the drawers fronts put a very good material that I really liked !

It is very durable wood, but do not know its name! I found discarded wood and I picked !

Good sanding and here !

Step 8:

Paint and varnish here !!! Very nice result so; :)

Step 9:

I searched hard to find handle that I like! I found this and it is very beautiful !! 

Step 10:

I bought these nails and I painted in black !! 

Step 11:

Once dried the pinned in place you see, around the table !! 
The construction ended and I admire a beautiful table for our living room!
A table of pallets with 4 drawers and castors for easy movement!
Glass cut Joined dimensions of the table 1.20 χ 0.80 cm

I hope you like my idea and to make and you !! 

Sorry for my English !!!!! I used google translation !! 

You can see the video on youtube here :

Step 12: Drawers Open

With the drawers open :)



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    It's beautiful!

    Good job! :)

    Ευχαριστώ πολύ !! Πρέπει να κάτσω κάποια στιγμή να φτιάξω ένα πιο λεπτομερές βίντεο στο οποίο θα αναλύω πως το έφτιαξα με περισσότερες λεπτομέρειες !!

    Μπραβο ρε φιλε ωραιο το εκανες

    That's sweet

    Others will follow my building !!

    I LOVE D.I.Y. !!!