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Introduction: My Collection

This is some props I have currently made. (Note: These are not all of my props)



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Nice baton. Is that supposed to be Reno's Electro Mag Rod? Love the black Shirasaya.

Yes it is. Thank you for the comment. I'm working on some other projects like those two you mentioned Having problems making sheaths for all of my katanas though. T.T Thank you, Jehosephat

You're welcome.

Hey, don't feel bad, you make great katana sayas! I make weapons too (check my I'bles out) but you make better sheaths than I can ever hope to make. You're also great at doing tsukamaki! I can't do tsukamaki, yep, I've made blades, smithed a pair of tonfa out of steel, but I can't do tsukamaki... It's actually my biggest secret shame =P

Well thank you very much! I'm currently experimenting with cardboard & other such cheap products (I'm hoping to do an Instructable on that soon) & so far it's going smoothly. As far as tsukamaki goes, there are tons of books & sites that teach you this sort of technique; but, as in everything, it requires practice. & hey, don't get discouraged, I wasn't able to do those until my last year of high school. (Sad dishonoring fact of my life T.T) I'm pretty sure you can get it very quickly. Jehosephat

Nice! And yes, I know there are lots of tsukamaki tutorials posted on the internet, I would know, I have around 20 bookmarked, but I simply can't get it down =P Ah well, I'm not a completely useless weapon-maker... Tsukamaki isn't everything in the world of weapon & prop making =)

True, true... but I still need to make a sheath either way. T.T Also, I need to make a "Gauntlet" for my costume.

Gauntlets are hard... Vambraces can be a little bit easier though =)

Yes they are. I might consider modifying my original desing. I need to find an instructable on this site that does teaches you how to make them. Jehosephat

do you have a daito?