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These are the results of the Instructables that I have read, followed, and built.
Post your own Completeables in the Completeables group! Lftndbt's idea.
It might take a while for the pictures to load.

Names of the Instructable, authors and links to the Instructables will be posted as soon as possible.

Canida's Chocolate Peppermint Bark

trebuchet03's How to Make Monkey Bread (No picture yet, have to make some)

Molybdenum's Airsoft Claymore's Doughnuts (The pictures will come, next time I make them)

kipkay's stink pen (pictures as soon as I can find the pen)

Dave Spencer's Be a Breakfast Hero (sorry, no pictures)

CrazyCory564's Star Wars

More comming soon!


pmac93 (author)2008-01-15

I think this really needs to be a part of instructables. I'm talking about like a button on each one that says "I made it" or something. Then it would have a counter of how many people have, and your completed instructables would show up in your profile near "favorites" and such. Just an idea..........

ewilhelm (author)2007-12-19

Nice work, and great use of a SlideShow!

Spl1nt3rC3ll (author)ewilhelm2007-12-19

Thank you! It was all Lftndbt's idea.

Updated!'s doughnuts.

ewilhelm (author)2007-12-19

You're right it's not an Instructable, it's a Slideshow. See [ The Instructable/Slideshow/Video Tabs....]

nanor11395 (author)2007-12-19

as he said its a completable and then he gave the links to the instructable so if you liked the pic you can look at the instructable

GorillazMiko (author)2007-12-18

nice! i should have done this! i might too. nice name "completables"

Why is there only one picture in the slideshow? there's supposed to be three

i see 3

Huh, weird.

Lftndbt (author)GorillazMiko2007-12-18

Thank you... LoL You definatley should do this too. Post it in "completables" when your done.. ;)

Lftndbt (author)2007-12-18

Just so it doesn't get "lost" perhaps post it in "Completables"

Lftndbt (author)Lftndbt2007-12-18

ok, should have checked... sorry.. thanks ;)

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