My tiny bathroom has less than 16 sq ft of room! Originally, my plan was to buy a commercial toilet. But as we saw how small the room was going to be we started looking at other options. Commercial composting toilets are pretty large to say the least! They usually sit higher and you almost need a stool to step up on whilst "doing the doo"! In fact I have seen a few tiny houses that did just that. Another thing we didnt like was the look of the crappers! They barely look like a toilet in a house and more like something from a space shuttle! The cost of them can be shocking also. I think the unit we were considering was around $900! On top of that you have to eat the shipping charges.

After weighing the pros and cons we decided to just build one (like everything else)! The idea was that if we built our own and it didn't turn out right then we didn't loose much. Plus, building one meant that it would match the rest of the bathroom.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

As with all builds these tools are just what I used. I'm sure some of the power tools could be substituted for a star-drive, swamp-swival, power shark, or simply a multi-tool! But, thats up to you.
- Table saw = for cutting wood on a table!
- Miter gauge
- Router or Dremel tool = for dremel-ling
- Drill = for drilling
- KregJig = for ........jigging!
- Pipe clamps = for clamping pipes! ( not really)
-Various hand tools

2- Edge glued panels 3/4"x16"x6' (I could have made the panels myself but didn't want to take the time)
1- 1/4" dowel rod
1- toilet seat kit (I probably could have built this but my sanding skills would have left splinters in my butt!)
2- 2" hinges
4- rubber feet (of some kind or another)
1- 5 gallon bucket
2 - little brass catches
<p>Pardon an urban-dweller's ignorance, but I have a few questions:</p><p>1) How often do you empty your bucket, i.e., do you wait until it is completely full, or 3/4 or....?</p><p>2) What do you do with the &quot;compost&quot;? Does it go into your garden/land, etc? Does it eventually become fertilizer for plants/garden?</p><p>3) I assume you must also use TP that is biodegradable, yes?</p><p>4) Can you urinate into the bucket as well as poop?</p><p>5) What is the possibility of the plastic bucket degrading?</p><p>Thanks for this, very informative. Thinking about this for our 1-bathroom house, maybe in the back garage/office. If we're buying the kitty litter/peat moss, etc., I wonder if we will save much in regard to water? Also, we have a very small back yard, I suppose we could dig in the compost....</p><p>Thanks in advance for replies to queries.</p>
<p>you could always use enviromentally safe kitty litter. It has saw dust, and corn husk and other organics that help control odor, and it is still safe for the garden.</p>
Good idea. I think that is the the same stuff they sell for dry toilets. Right now we are sticking with shavings because they are free!
<p>Nice project. Perhaps adding a fan would take care of some odour problems.</p>
I thought about adding a fan. But, figured I would try it as it is to see if anything else is needed. So far its not bad but, we may have to use peatmoss in the media to obsorb odors.
<p>looks great</p>
<p>I can just hear it now --- &quot;It's your turn to empty the bucket, I did it the last time!&quot;.</p><p>&quot;You filled it, you empty it!&quot;</p><p>&quot;Maybe if you didn't pig out at dinner there wouldn't be a problem&quot;</p><p>&quot;you left the seat up again!&quot;</p><p>&quot;I told you to go easy on the beans, now look what you did, who do you think is going to take care of that?&quot;</p><p>&quot;Your gonna need a bigger shovel&quot;</p><p>&quot;Oh man, even the cat wants out!&quot;</p>
Wow........I never thought about that.
<p>Just a little potty humor, I raised 3 kids, I have heard some of those. </p>
<p>Actually the biggest problem with it where I live is everything would be frozen solid for six months of the year. You would need a really big bucket. </p>
Actually this is going to be our regular toilet! It stays indoors.
I think thats called &quot;Permapoo&quot;!!
I like it, though I think I will use peat moss instead of sawdust or sand after each use of the toilet. It's supposed to trap odor better.
Thanks, I may have to try that.
<p>actually this is very well build.</p><p>nice.</p>
You should add this to the apocalypse contest.
Thanks, I might do that.

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