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My husband and I moved from the city to the country life. We live in Paige, TX population approximately 700 people give or take a few. We purchased a 100 year old farm house, but that's another story in itself. One of our first projects outside was to build a koi pond, waterfall, and bog. The pond measures in depth from 6 feet to 3 feet and is approximate 6000 gallons. My husband and myself do all the work together and learn by trail and error. Once the hole was dug we added sand and pond liner. The statue was added this year, we purchased the broken statue for $50.00 (retail price $700.00). She could not stand, she was damaged that bad. My husband added re-bar to the back then used cement epoxy and let it cure for several days. Once it could stand we sculpted the back and legs with cement . The bog she stands in is watered by gray water from our bath tub. I have planted irises and umbrella plants in the bog. The log cabin in the background houses the pond filter system and is made of landscape timbers.  Since I raise birds, I have tried to landscape in each pen.   We buried a 300 gallon water trough and plumbed with a shower drain at the bottom.   The waste water goes to the pasture for water and fertilizer.  My husband layed brick around the edges so the bird don't piddle in the mud.  A koi splitter, grasses and pot add interest to me.   The bamboo is there so the swans don't  fight with the pair in the next pen.  The windmill is not functional, it is just a big piece of yard art.  We acquired it in trade for a decorated egg that had won first prize at the Dallas egg show.

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    No text at all??

    That's a nice repair on the statue, BTW....

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    We added text, but they were a no show. So this morning we tried again, still a no show. Can you tell us what we are doing wrong?

    Nice garden, love the statue: re the upload of text issue. Which text? you have an introduction statement, is this where you were trying to upload? Or are you referring to image notes? That's where you click on your picture, drag to make a box, click again then enter text....make sure you save it before you leave. If these text areas are giving you a problem, then it is a bug, somewhere. I've noticed that Instructables has many bugs lately, and in some places I can succeed at my process, and in other areas I cannot. Makes no sense to a non-programmer, so don't know what the answers can be to those issues.I tried to load an image here and add an image note, but can't access that function here. Good luck.

    Thank you Creativeman, it was the introduction statements describing my country garden. After asking for help, today it finally worked. Thank you for your time.

    Maybe ask scoochmaroo, who commented also. She's on Instrucables staff...

    WOW! A step by step of the repairs on the statue would be nice. Even I could afford a statue at those kinds of savings!

    Yes, you could do an entire step-by-step just on how you repaired the statue.

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    We are having troubles with the text. When we uploaded, the text didn't come through, we have tried several times without success any help will be appreciated.