My Custom Painted Airsoft Guns





Introduction: My Custom Painted Airsoft Guns

About: Hi. I'm Peter. I love airsoft. Most of my instructables are about airsoft. So if you need advice, or tips on airsoft, tell me.

This is just showing off my guns that I have painted. I think they are pretty sweet. Comment if you like.



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    i wanna paint my m4, but i dont wanna screw it up
    i hav a nerf painting business, i dont know if the website is done though.
    which paint should i use, and how do i do it?

    cheap springers?

    Love the pistol love the m4 Wish i had a bigger airsoft gun like that

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    Check if you want.

    that illegal in calafornia but im happy i dont live there! to paint it im saying!

    Well thanks but it doesn't take a lot of skill. Just a little patience.

    LEFT HANDED!! HIGH 5! wouldnt you want to paint the orange tip? enemies can see bright orange rather easily compared to camo....

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    Sorry. The camera on my computer makes everything backwards, so I am right handed. Although you are right, it is easy to see the orange tip, it is illegal to paint and the sheriff drives by where I play every day, so I don't want to get busted.

    i jut painted my SDM100 sniper today with a flat black finish, with light tan speckled break up dots. then i put a skull logo on the stock in the same light tan... i was just overhauling all my guns now that summers coming so I thought it might be cool to add some art to them... this is a good ible.
    personally im not a huge fan of camo on everything, but whatever you like.

    I don't see any pix!

    Pretty sweet job. Personally, I like the Raider pistol, but the M4 (or should I say R34?) Looks nice, as well.

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