Picture of My
Here is my custom welder cart,  

Step 1: What I Was Thinking Of...

Picture of What I Was Thinking Of...
What I was thinking of, was a cart, small enough to travel on the local mass transit buses, large enough to carry all the goodies needed to do a job, and low cost. Surprisingly enough, most of the materials were saved / salvaged / scavanged / scrounged from the side of the road. Anyway, after some head-scratching, I was able to come up with a sketch, with some workable measurements.
pfred22 years ago
The first thing I made for my biggest welder was a cart for it. It weighs 140 pounds.
...... my welder IS the cart, and has a very nice lifting hook....
spiderham2 years ago
Looks great! Nice work
xpunkpr2 years ago
Cool! I will make one. Nice storage space. In my case, I think i'll put the welder higher.