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Introduction: Halo Covenant Energy Sword

This is a college art project I just completed. Halo Covenant sword is a weapon well-known to fans of the popular Xbox franchise. Unfortunately since I'm new to instructables, I did not document step-by-step photos, but I want to share highlights of my project. I plan on improving this "prototype" after I build a vacuum form table. If there's enough interest from viewers, I plan on publishing an improved instructable.

My assignment was to make a light/lamp using only plastics and a light source (LEDs in my piece). This was my first attempt in thermaforming acrylic sheets and PVC pipe using only a heatgun. Because of size limitation of acrylic plastic material given to us (12"x24" sheets) for the project, the sword is smaller than scale as depicted in the video game. The finished dimensions is approx 24" total length x 12" at it's widest point. The smaller size however is ideal for carrying it around and for small kids to hold. It is very solid and strongly put together, but it is NOT a toy for kids or adults to swing at people, pets, or things. That could be dangerous. If I were to build another sword, Ideally I would make it from 28-32" length. The pic of me and friends holding the sword shows how bright it glows. ALL pics are not photoshopped except for the watermarks.

I made several paper mock-ups. When I was satisfied with the final paper model, I cut four identical "blades" from 1/8" acrylic plastic sheets with a bandsaw. I notched ridges on the cut pieces, to mimic the curves of the blade. The notches helped define the contour of the blade when thermaforming with the heatgun. After all four blade pieces were done, I shaped light diffusers to fit inside each blade.

For the lights, blue LEDs from amazon worked perfect. I was able to cut strips, and carefully solder wire terminals that connected to two 9v batteries and a toggle switch. The handle was made from a 1 1/4" thin PVC bathroom drainpipe, formed to shape with a heatgun. I cut an opening for the battery door, and wrapped the entire handle in a carbon fiber sticker. I made the padded soft carry case with black canvas and plush lining to protect the sword while transporting. The case has velcro closure and an adjustable 2"wide shoulder strap with a quick-release buckle.

The sword is fairly bright daytime unless you are in direct sunlight. During night or dimly lit rooms, the glow is amazing and really looks like an energy sword.

***Note on adhesives***, I used Weldon#3 to 'solvent weld' the acrylic blade halves together, but the glued edges MUST be sanded smooth and in complete contact with each other. Any gaps will result in no adhesion at those points.
Weldon#3 will NOT work for gluing the acrylic blade to the PVC handle. You either have to purchase Weldon#40, or use a universal plastic adhesive, but TEST on scrap pieces first!

I spent over 30hrs on the project because I never attempted it before. Now I can probably do it in half the time. Hope you enjoyed it.

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    hey angelgabriel can you make an epic halo (power hammer) as i like to call it if you could it would be great and awesome

    1 reply

    power hammer? you mean gravity hammer right?

    This is awesome. I wish i could make it but I'm only 14 so my parents don't trust me with things that require heat guns.

    1 reply

    I do have a model made of pepakura but I wish I knew more about LED to make it lihht up some how.

    one question. Where are the plasma and magnetic fields? That is what an energy sword is made of.

    1 reply

    I would like to see you make it with plasma and magnetic fields.

    tip for Saftey? It is a sword that is meant for combat.

    Hi there,
    Couple of questions:
    A) what is the material that is clear on the inside?
    B) for the sticker, was it just a glossy sticker or does it have texture?
    C) what did you use to cut your pvc?
    D) what kind of switch do you have? (As in three or four pins?)
    E) what do you mean by 'notched' the arcylic?
    F) how did you shape the platic? Just out it over the paper mold and heat gun it?
    G) how did you wire everything on the inside of the handle?
    Thank you much sorry for all the questions :)

    1 reply

    So sorry i didnt know you posted questions. Probably too late for me to reply. Again sorry.

    I made this in a University fabrication class. NFS at the moment.

    question: 1: how tall is this to a 10 year old? 2: how much did this cost? 3: is it still blue if you turn it on in daylight?

    1 reply

    This is the smaller version I made and is 24" long. The blue LEDs can be seen daytime, but is super bright in dim or no ambient light.

    @Wolfbane221: The carbon fiber on sword is a flexible sticker sheet that works well on curved surfaces when heated with heatgun. EBay and Amazon sells it. I have used real CF before on other projects, but since the handle didn't need structural reinforcement, the sticker is more economical. The acrylic sheet is standard 1/8(.125)" thick semi-opaque white. Blue color is from LEDs.The light diffuser is one of those ceiling light frosted panels you buy at Home Depot. it shapes really well when heated, but is very brittle when cutting. Hope that helps.

    This is great! I thought you made it from pepakura at first then did your acrylic. What is that sort of carbon fiber stuff? Do you have an ebay link or anything? What thickness is the acrylic used? ANNDDDD one more question.. what is that light diffuser made of? Thanks! You can PM me with answers if you want =)

    Thx everyone for the positive comments:D I'm currently taking a 3D digital modelling class. My plan is to make a mastermold of redesigned sword on Rhino software. I have access to 3D fabricating machinery at the University. I will update when I start.

    Blast you, now I'll have to make one for my Halo-maniac brother, dangnabit! ):#
    Sweeeet! :)

    This is awesome if you ever need an extra hand with another project like this let me know it would be an honor

    Thank you for responding to my text. I will remain hopeful and check in with you from time to time. You are very talented. Good luck in all of your ventures.

    @bigheadked: I'll let u know if/when I make more. I want to make with fiberglass resin for lighter weight and more strength. not sure how much a limited edition would be worth. if anyone has an opinion pls post. thx