My DIY Mini Yoyo





Introduction: My DIY Mini Yoyo

Awesome tiny YoYo made from really cheap party favor yo's, I call it a yo because it doesn't ever come back. But my Tiny comes back when called, sleeps, and can probably be modded by some of you other big brains out there. It needs more weight and a better axle. I make the string for it, 50/50 poly cotton 2 strands of thread each, really thin and works perfect for a mini yoyo. From the same cheap pinata filler, you can make a butterfly or regular mini yoyo. Let me know if I should make an Instructable.....



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    oh yea, i sanded the inner halves to make the string center and respond better. Still doesn't sleep long, but its fun to throw. It weighs in at 23 and 1/2 g.

    Added weight, 2 quarters in each half with epoxy. Hard to see, but I tried adding silicon brakes (dots in yellow pic), the yoyo will sleep, but won't return. Needs mini bearings or it slows down. It flies great as a looping yoyo and the weight helps a lot. Still buying a Mighty Flea though.