My DIY R-Strap (No Additional Parts, Materials, Tools, Skills, or Modifications)


Introduction: My DIY R-Strap (No Additional Parts, Materials, Tools, Skills, or Modifications)

My instructable required no additional parts, materials, tools, skills, or modifications to the existing strap. It just reconfigures what you already have into what you want.

Step 1: Insert the Left-side Strap Into the Left Loop

1) Disconnect the two straps from both loops.

2) Insert the left-side strap into the left loop.

Step 2: Insert the Right-side Strap Through the Left Loop

Insert right-side strap on top of the left-side strap through the loop in the opposite direction as the other strap.

Step 3: Left Buckle (part 1)

Insert the right strap through the left buckle (Part 1)

Step 4: Left Buckle (part 2)

Insert right strap through the other side of the left buckle.

Step 5: Left Buckle (part 3)

Pull the left strap until it is tight against the left buckle.

Step 6: Finish Left Strap

Slide left sleeve over right strap to complete the left buckle.

Step 7: Right Buckle (Part 1)

Loop left strap through right buckle

Step 8: Right Buckle (Part 2)

Loop left strap through other side of right buckle

Step 9: Finish Right Buckle

Finish right buckle

Step 10: New Configuation in Use

Completed setup



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    Damn! This solution is so simple!
    You just simplified my life, I always tried to make it complicated.

    1 reply

    I am glad my instructable was helpful.

    this worked with my t3i canon, I could only fit one strap, however, I looped the other end with the same strap connecting to the bucket. I did realize though that the strap is not long enough and and allows you limited maneuverability. Thank you for your instructable, has been really useful.

    I used this on my fuji S5700 an with plenty of wiggling i got the straps in. But im undecided which side is better, left or right, any thoughts ?

    2 replies

    I'm right-handed so I support my camera with my left hand. That's why I have the straps on the left side. I hope that helps you.

    Actually that makes sense now, I only have a bridge camera, but still have a little something to hold to stabilise my camera when taking photos.

    I did also try the strap on the right side and it just seems to get in the way of my face.

    I think I may make an adjustment on the left side to give it a little more length, adding a little lead or something, but I dont want any metal to metal contact as that just irritates me, ill have to go look through my junk drawer for old bits of strap!

    this doesn't work for me as my buckle can't fit two I can't loop the left and right strap into one buckle...haiz =.='''

    3 replies

    Sorry to hear that this instructable doesn't work for you. Unfortunately, it's a limitation based upon your hardware (Buckets). Have you looked into getting larger buckles?

    You can change the buckets??? Never mind I am thinking of using the safer R-strap instead. Thanks for posting this up.

    My buckets are not attached to the straps so they can be replaced with larger or smaller sizes as needed. It sounds like your setup is different than mine. Good luck anyways!

    This  is really useful. Worth trying for sure, thanks for the pictures too that helps.

    1 reply

    I'm glad you think it is useful and worth trying. The pictures were to make it as clear and concise as possible.