My DIY Refashioned Cowboy Boots





Introduction: My DIY Refashioned Cowboy Boots

Unfortunately the faux leather started to peel away from those second hand beauties so they were put out to pasture until I could come up with a fix to get them back in rotation.

Fortunately my refashionista brain came up with a quick & painless way to transform those worn out kickers into stylin’ buttoned booties!

Step 1:

I snagged the boots and a selection of hoarded fabric belts.

*This was one of those times where a project totally changed mid-refashion. My original idea was to wrap & attach the belts around the boots to cover the worn areas but what worked so well in my head simply didn’t in reality so I put on my thinking cap and began again.

Step 2:

I chopped the boots to my desired height getting rid of most of the wear and tear, hooray!

Step 3:

Grabbed a wide fabric belt from my stash, cut it to size and hand stitched the pieces around the chopped tops to bind and cover the raw edges.

Step 4:

Snagged my jar of brown buttons and stitched a few over the remaining shabby areas + a few more for extra fanciness!

Step 5:

Are you digging my fast and fancy faux leather cowboy boot fix as much as I am?

Get the how-to behind what I did with the chopped boot tops right here

Step 6:



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    a refash' for the win! they look even better than their original form.
    and with those mustard yellow socks/panty it looks perfect.