Hello! I am so excited to know that there are other caramel popcorn lovers out there like myself. Well enough chit chat; let's go on to the good stuff. This is my favorite kind of Caramel Popcorn. This is the perfect treat to make when you have a lot of friends or family coming over. It only takes me about 10-15 minutes to make. The first time I made it, it took me about 20 minutes. If you are in a hurry, this is a great snack for the sake of time and everybody's taste buds. Let's get started!!

Step 1: Ingredients and Materials Needed

Before we get too far, let's see if you have all the ingredients and materials needed for this snack.

  2 cups of brown sugar
  1 cube of butter
  1 cup of corn syrup
  1 can of sweetened condensed milk
  vegetable oil or olive oil

  1 big pot
  1 big sauce pan
  1 big bowl
  2 big spoons
  measuring cups

 Alright! Now that we have everything, we can move on. 


There shall be no colonels in my popcorn, only enlisted men! My popcorn will WORK for a living.<br><br>;)<br><br>I was about to post my first Instructable and it was going to be caramel corn and now I think there are too many that are awesome for me to add yet another. Oh well. Thanks for all your awesome work!
Looks good :&nbsp;)<br /> I'm wondering, how much is a cube of butter?
I'd say this coating promotes all those colonels of corn to at least brigadier general.<br />
I agree - I would go as far as to throw in an extra star to Major General if I say so myself.<br /> <br /> PS - this is a shared account for a high school class project, so I am not the maker of this instructable, and not responsible for the slight misspelling<br />
Uh huh. It wasn't you, it was your friend. Those aren't even your pants that you're wearing. Yep.<br /> <br /> ;)<br />

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