I made this ages ago for the 50th anniversary and I've been meaning to make instructions on it, so here they are - my dalek dress. 
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You will need :

For the dress

-1 dress
-Black felt (I think I used about 1/2 metre)
- 12 polystyrene balls
- Basic sewing kit
- Packing tape
- Black acrylic paint
- Multi bond glue
For the accessories
- Plastic headband
- An egg carton 
- A plunger
- A paint roller

Step 1: Choosing the Dress

I bought my dress for $6 or something from an op shop (second hand store).. so you really don't need to splash out for it. Mine is a synthetic floaty material over a silky lining.. it's good to have a dress with two layers but it shouldn't matter to much. Mine had these hideous sleeves that I cut off- The only real specifications for the dress are - no frilly bits on the front and no patterns.. You can have fun finding a cool colour because daleks come in just about every colour :)
<p>hey, nice dress.</p><p>to attach the balls get thin plastic discs (cut from milk gallon jugs) the same diameter. </p><p>put balls on the outside of the dress, discs on the inside of the dress. pin them in place and then staple gun from the inside of the dress.</p>
<p>Thank you so much, this is such a good idea!</p>
<p>amazing dress!!!</p>
<p>This is so cute! I wish I had seen it before Halloween, but there's always next year. Daleks never go out of style.</p>
<p>I think I saw you as a mug at 1/2 price books :) Great job, Who For Life!</p>
Incre&iacute;ble! spanish congratulation.
<p>this is really thank you</p>
<p>No problem! :)</p>
Love it.
A true whovian!
EPIC win!
Pretty cool
I see what you did there! I heartily approve of creative usernames.
Thank you :)
Dress is cool too, but I'm a guy, sooooo....
Awesome! And I love the tips at the end
<p>Yay I'm glad you liked it! x</p>
Both the dress and your username are BRILLIANT :D
<p>Thank you so much &lt;3 x</p>

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