Introduction: My Double-Barrel Break-Action Shotgun (Just a Model (For Now))

Picture of My Double-Barrel Break-Action Shotgun (Just a Model (For Now))

This is my gun*. It doesn't shoot (yet), but if you find a way to integrade two firing pins in this gun, let me know. I hope you like! Please comment and don't forget to rate!

*Refer to title :)

Step 1: Pieces

White (or blue)-121
Light gray-2
Black hinge-2
Blue hinge-2
Blue silver clip-2
Black Y clip-2

=567 Pieces!

Step 2: Butt

Picture of Butt

Make the butt. Yes, this IS Adamsdead's butt (haha).

1. Make 5
2. Connect with blue rods

Step 3: Handle

Picture of Handle


1. Make this
2. Another picture
3. Make 4
4. Add them in

Step 4: Body

Picture of Body


1. This...
2. And this...
3. And this...
4. 2 of these...
5. And this.
6. You should have these.
7. Connect with 5 layers.
8. Add tan rods.

Step 5: Barrel

Picture of Barrel

Make. Sorry, but I couldn't make the copy, so I didn't have enough pieces to take good pictures.

1. Make 52 (yes, 52!). And yes, you can use blue connectors.
2. Connect with rods.
3. Another picture.
4. And another.
5. And another.

Step 6: The Connecty Thingy

Picture of The Connecty Thingy

Make this thing-a-majiggy.

1. This.
2. Connect to the barrel.

Step 7: Connect Everything

Picture of Connect Everything

Connect everything (Duh!).

1. Handle and body
2. Picture 1 and butt
3. Add purple connectors
4. Connect hinges
5. A picture of the gun (Yes, that's me (I'm only 11)).


smithinator (author)2009-10-12

its got a good break action thing but no affence it loks pretty crap to be honest....

knexyoohoo (author)2008-07-07

why would you save cans to shoot at if your gun dosent shoot? looks awesome though making it

koolkidd (author)knexyoohoo2009-09-13

i shoot different guns at the cans.

An Villain (author)2009-07-12

i have a mechanism for this, looks ok, is true trigger.

I_am_Canadian (author)2008-05-17

That looks like a heck of a lot of friction on the barrel :-(

koolkidd (author)I_am_Canadian2008-05-17

doesn't shoot. i can't fit firing pins.

I_am_Canadian (author)koolkidd2008-05-17

ahhh..... i see. Well, good idea, mabey someone can make a shooting one :-)

koolkidd (author)I_am_Canadian2008-05-18

that's what i hope.

I_am_Canadian (author)koolkidd2008-05-18

Well, Ill try :-)

koolkidd (author)I_am_Canadian2008-05-19


FrozenFire 99 (author)2008-04-06

hey man the idea is awesome could i use it in my next knex gun?

koolkidd (author)FrozenFire 992008-04-06

sure. just make sure i get credit if you post it.

Mintyhippo (author)2008-02-01

I like the idea, I suggest a plunger for this. Cool gun, and will it have a true trigger?

koolkidd (author)Mintyhippo2008-02-02

as soon as i get firing pins in here

ojochris (author)2008-01-31

holy F****n' S**T how did U get so many White Connectors?!?!?!?!?!?

koolkidd (author)ojochris2008-01-31

idk. i have 124 though and this uses 121

PineapplebobTheGreat (author)2008-01-30

Ah, well, put two black Y connetors on the sides of one white connector, attach grey rods onto the Y connectors, and you have your fireing pin. Is this you first instructable? If yes, very good. However, I have noticed that it uses A LOT of the same pieces from other guns like the stock is from the Knex Easy Shotgun and the handle is from Gorkem's sniper. Although, the barrel is all yours.

the body is mine, too

koolkidd (author)koolkidd2008-01-30

and, this is my 3rd instructable

the problem he has in not making the fiering pin. its that the fiering pins hit the yellow connectors and can not be pulled back very far.

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