My Dracula Halloween costume(with make-up)

Here is my Count Dracula halloween costume prepared for 2007.My costume has one black suit, one black bow tie and one black cape.
anonygrazer2 years ago
Very stylish!
makerboy1124 years ago
You look like a crack whinch.
Papai (author)  makerboy1124 years ago
halberdear4 years ago
heh, heh, Nice. 
xxev755 years ago
This put a smile on my face :D Thank you.
Papai (author)  xxev755 years ago
:) no...Thank you for ur comment...glad that u liked it :)
Papai (author) 5 years ago
Thanx for all the comments guyz :)
Mr. Twist6 years ago
Hahahahahahahahaha dude your awesome you can be my new best friend.
Papai (author)  Mr. Twist5 years ago
Ya sure...thanx for the comment :)
yes! i like it a lot.
=SMART=6 years ago
haha Very Good !!