My Drawing Compilation #1




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Introduction: My Drawing Compilation #1

About: My name is James, and I am a hobbyist, amateur CAD designer, and graphic artist!

Just a little compilation of some recent drawings of mine...

Step 1: Ruth (from the Bible)

Step 2: Psycho Giant Starscream Meets a Random Autobot

Starscream has become a giant! XP

Step 3: Cyclonus

My version of Transformers Cyclonus.

Step 4: Pipe Man

Yes, he looks as if he just jumped out of an old movie! ;D

Step 5: Some Random Transformer Drawing That I Don't Know What to Call...


Step 6: That's All Folks!

Hope you liked my drawings! leave comments down below! :D




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    Wow your latest ones are stunning! :D

    Great! By the way, many years ago when I was a youngling, (xD) I was following the builds of a YouTuber why goes by the name of optinickprime. His k'nex transformers are epic and years ago inspired me to build one. I was really proud and excited when I made mine, now I realise how bad it was xD

    XD some of my old knex builds look terrible. They weren't bad but considering I thought they were the best thing in the world... XD. I never imagined myself having enough pieces for ball machines :D

    They seem very good to me, but then again I couldn't draw to save my life. Good job, anyway. :)

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    Those are really good - if you have a specific technique, you could share it as a full instructable, maybe "how to draw transformers"?

    2 replies

    Maybe, I just wanted to show people my drawings to inspire people with their drawing. I will take it into consideration though. Thanks for complimenting my drawings! :D