Introduction: My Drawing Compilation #1

Picture of My Drawing Compilation #1

Just a little compilation of some recent drawings of mine...

Step 1: Ruth (from the Bible)

Picture of Ruth (from the Bible)

Step 2: Psycho Giant Starscream Meets a Random Autobot

Picture of Psycho Giant Starscream Meets a Random Autobot

Starscream has become a giant! XP

Step 3: Cyclonus

Picture of Cyclonus

My version of Transformers Cyclonus.

Step 4: Pipe Man

Picture of Pipe Man

Yes, he looks as if he just jumped out of an old movie! ;D

Step 5: Some Random Transformer Drawing That I Don't Know What to Call...

Picture of Some Random Transformer Drawing That I Don't Know What to Call...


Step 6: That's All Folks!

Picture of That's All Folks!

Hope you liked my drawings! leave comments down below! :D



Linkin_J_Knex (author)2016-03-28

Great drawings :)

Wow your latest ones are stunning! :D

Thank you! ^u^

I am actually working on a game idea.

Great! By the way, many years ago when I was a youngling, (xD) I was following the builds of a YouTuber why goes by the name of optinickprime. His k'nex transformers are epic and years ago inspired me to build one. I was really proud and excited when I made mine, now I realise how bad it was xD

Haha Ikr? Same with me when it comes to Lego. My first Lego Transformer looked like something the cat dragged in. XD

XD some of my old knex builds look terrible. They weren't bad but considering I thought they were the best thing in the world... XD. I never imagined myself having enough pieces for ball machines :D

They look so silly to me now! XD

Haha these are super old but thanks! XDDD

CorgiCritter (author)2015-03-17

They seem very good to me, but then again I couldn't draw to save my life. Good job, anyway. :)

Thank you! You made my day! :D

Kiteman (author)2015-03-17

Those are really good - if you have a specific technique, you could share it as a full instructable, maybe "how to draw transformers"?

It is very hard for me to do step by step instructables with the setup I have right now. I am trying my best! ;)

Maybe, I just wanted to show people my drawings to inspire people with their drawing. I will take it into consideration though. Thanks for complimenting my drawings! :D

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