1-3: Jimi Hendrix- pencil, crayon, colored pencil- Took me about 30 hours to complete.
2: The Way Out Is The Way In- original acrylic painting- This is my interpretation of Bob Dylan's song "All Along The Watchtower".
3: Jimi Hendrix- original pencil/digital drawing
4: Sunny Lake- original digital drawing
5: Girl In Purple- pencil/digital drawing

Holy shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip
i really like your drawings but i think you're actually on the wrong site, isn't it better to show your art on deviantart dot com. it is where most art and drawings and stuff goes.
Yeah, I know.
I never get people's noses right! I'll copy yours :D<br><br><br>banchramgodoodloe
Put more energy in the face! Because people will look first at the face (most of the time), and they're actually judging on that part of the drawing<br>And I'm not saying it is bad or something, because it's really amazing!<br>keep up the good work.
LOL, I rated ***** and it went up to a ***** slideshow.
You should have posted it on Knexfreek's account, then came on your own and claimed credit for it and accuse him of stealing it as a joke.<br />
Yeah, funny, but a waste of my time.<br />
so yo are knexfreek? thanx for subbing then! what the hell?
Knexfreek is back for a while, I no longer have the account.
not to be mean some of these are nice like the first 2&nbsp; but full body doesnt look natural and the others are awkward but keep on drawing ur pretty good at it <br />
And you think you can do better!??? Do you have a major in art?? No, you dont!
you are an amazing artist, do u take classes or anything?
Thank you. I'm majoring in art at college.<br />
thats awsome. i dont realy take classes for my art. i just use some concepts and ideas off line and i just go for it. i think il post some pics of stuff iv made on ibles. mostly its on my facebook
The Jimmy Hendrix ones kinda looks like JayZ with hair.<br />
&nbsp;So, basically you made a joke out of Jimi Hendrix's name by misspelling it, you mistake Jimi Hendrix for someone else,making fun of his appearance, and makin a mockery out of his rock n' roll career. Damn, you committed a major cutdown/insult towards Jimi Hendrix. XD<br />
too bad, go bother someone else.<br />
in saying that you just completely insulted jimi hendrix<br /> <br /> and got away with it!<br /> <br /> :P<br />
Wait a sec, that was more of a compliment than a put down and ill explain, beyonce is married to jayz, beyonce is pretty hot, understand what im saying now?<br />
jimi hendrix - founder of modern rock and roll pretty much.<br /> <br /> jayz - another rapper - downgrade from eminem ;)<br />
epic!<br />
your pieces of art are a big inspiration for me. My favourite one would be the fourth one. Because of the title.<br />
&quot;The Way Out Is The Way In&quot; or &quot;Sunny Lake&quot;?
the way out is the way in<br />
That Jimi Hendrix picture creeped me out at first, I though it was a zombie or something.&nbsp; Still really cool, though!
Im not kidding.<br /> <br /> I would pay hundreds for stuff like that.<br /> <br /> 5* and faved.
yeah really, if you wanted to you could sell them for some nice cash<br />
Reply that to Oblivitus, not me.
Wow, thanks.<br />
Your welcome.
wow<br /> <br /> that jimi hendrix drawing is actually amazing<br /> <br /> you deserve a gallery if you have more drawings like that :)<br /> <br /> 5*<br />
Thanks.<br />
amazing<br /> <br /> 5*<br />
cool! 5*
You're pretty good!<br />
Nice job Amazing.

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