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These are some of my new drawings and paintings I made.


happyjo (author)2011-01-19

These are really nice! You have a very peaceful style of making art! I especially like the tiger!

tankthelineman (author)happyjo2011-01-20

Thanks. You should see my new instructables and slideshows. Nice username!

happyjo (author)tankthelineman2011-01-20

I will check out your other things! Glad you like my user name!

Clayfig (author)2010-10-02

no need for this to be on here ... get a deviant art or something....

tankthelineman (author)2010-10-01

The first one is Anakin Skywalker from Star Wars

Greenish Apple (author)2010-10-01

You can post these on or

Where are the instructions? What media did you use?

Who are they? I recognize Namor, Woody, Mickey, and Pluto (and the tiger) but I'm not sure of the others.

northernmagnet (author)2010-09-28

ha ha ha ha ive seen all of these in person

tankthelineman (author)2010-09-27


knex gun builder freak (author)2010-09-27

wow you're good!

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Bio: I'm an 18 year old visual artist who loves to paint, draw, sketch, play pinball machines, listen to 80s music, and go to theme ... More »
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