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Introduction: My Drawings and Paintings

About: I'm an 18 year old visual artist who loves to paint, draw, sketch, play pinball machines, listen to 80s music, and go to theme parks. I enjoy watching classic Sci-fi movies, as well as lower budgeted b movie...

These are some of my new drawings and paintings I made.



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    These are really nice! You have a very peaceful style of making art! I especially like the tiger!

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    Thanks. You should see my new instructables and slideshows. Nice username!

    I will check out your other things! Glad you like my user name!

    no need for this to be on here ... get a deviant art or something....

    The first one is Anakin Skywalker from Star Wars

    You can post these on or

    Where are the instructions? What media did you use?

    Who are they? I recognize Namor, Woody, Mickey, and Pluto (and the tiger) but I'm not sure of the others.

    ha ha ha ha ive seen all of these in person