Picture of My Drawings
Hendrix Painting.JPG
These are my best drawings from this year.

Albert Einstein: Pencil
Carlos Santana: Pencil And Water Color Pencil (it's still not finished, I need to fix the guitar before I color more)
Jimi Hendrix: Pencil
Jimi Hendrix: Acrylic Paint

Would anyone like to see me make a drawing instructable? I'm not sure if I will make one, I just want to know.

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kryssmc1 year ago
wow! I'm in love with the Santana drawing, will you post it when it's finished? I've done some things with the water color pencils they're great but can be pretty tricky to work with when blending colors.
Oblivitus (author)  kryssmc1 year ago

Thanks! This was 5 years ago though, I haven't used watercolor pencils in a while, I'm mostly a painter now. You can find my recent work here:


ArtistVee2 years ago
Wow these are Great
happyjo4 years ago
These are really quite nice! :D
Lowney5 years ago
It's nowhere near in the same league as yours, but here's one I did:
Oblivitus (author)  Lowney5 years ago
That's pretty good. How old are you? Because I'm 18 and my drawings did look like that at one point. Here is a drawing that I did when I was 11 (I made up the battle, the guns, and the characters).
Furry Freaks 6th Grade.JPG
i used to draw battles like that, im somebody threw a grenade or a bomb went off i would scribble all over that area like an explosiion now i am a computer person, i like google sketchup here is a small skatepark i drew like 5 minutes ago :
Picture 1.pngPicture 2.pngPicture 3.pngPicture 4.pngPicture 5.png
Cool, I'm under 16, but I don't really want to say my age. But I am using this site legally so there's a hint ;-)
edwardcroft5 years ago
great drawings i am an artist my self go to my site http://eddiecroft.deviantart.com/ alot of my art is posted there
Skreetsha5 years ago
Are you serious?
Did you make these?
Dude, you're a artist at heart!
I can draw pretty good car concepts but damn, this is mind blowing!
Oblivitus (author)  Skreetsha5 years ago
Thanks, I'm going to college for art right now, this slideshow is stuff from the end of senior year at high school. My high school art class ran at a college level though, I took a year long class using dozens of mediums.
AP Art Studio?
Oblivitus (author)  Wolf Seril5 years ago
Yeah, that's the name of the class that I took. How are you familiar with it?
We have it at my school too. I was going to take it but I didn't have the drawing skills for it. I'm more of a digital person.
knexfreak955 years ago
Oblivitus (author)  knexfreak955 years ago
Thanks, I've got it hanging in my room.
You're really good, to say the least.
Oblivitus (author)  bassclarinet235 years ago
Thanks. I'll have some new ones for the second half of 2009.
No problem. I'm not too bad at drawing (I drew my avatar), but I'm a perfectionist and I get really angry when I can't draw something (like an eye or a hand) correctly. Do you have any advice?
Oblivitus (author)  bassclarinet235 years ago
I've been known to be a perfectionist too. Here are some things to try. Try out each technique seperately.

1: Draw with pen (so that you can't erase).
2: Quickly draw the exact same thing over and over again until you draw a near perfect one. Repeat the process with the subject drawn at a different angle or in a different position. If you keep this up, you will be able to draw the subject in any position quickly and easily.
3: Draw tiny drawings so that you can't fill in much detail and you instead focus on the marks and shape.

Overall though I would advise to draw quickly and/or use pen to break your obsession with detail.
Okay, thanks!
Oblivitus (author)  bassclarinet235 years ago
No prob, tell if me if that helped in a couple of days.
The tiny thing seems to be helping. I tried the pen one, but that evolved into pens flying across the room. :) Thanks!
Oblivitus (author)  bassclarinet235 years ago
Lol, your welcome.
An Villain6 years ago
i like you drawings, you are a great artist, but is jimi hendrix screaming in pain because his crotch is on fire?
Oblivitus (author)  An Villain6 years ago
LOL!, no, he is setting his guitar on fire.
Hehe, the who (I think) in their early years made huge losses: they would have made profits but they had to pay out for all the stuff they smashed!
Don't worry my bro had a lego flamethrower he was a lttle too exided and he burned his crouch
Why is Jimi Hendrix's balls on fire. I can't really see the guitar.
Oblivitus (author)  knex_mepalm5 years ago
I didn't paint the guitar because it would have been difficult and is not important enough to the composition to show.
He seems like making a strong intense pain and some oter motion, somewhat similar to violent.
Oblivitus (author)  knex_mepalm5 years ago
He smashed his guitar right after he lit in on fire, if you would like to see the video then search for "Jimi Hendrix Wild Thing Monterey".
Lol, almost every rockstar or w/e smashes their guitar.
Oblivitus (author)  knex_mepalm5 years ago
Yeah, I'm pretty sure that it started in the sixties.
NYPA Oblivitus5 years ago
He played with his teeth, you know.
Oblivitus (author)  NYPA5 years ago
I know, I am a huge fan, I own his full Woodstock and Berkeley performances on DVD.
oh, i think the other way is funnier though.
Oblivitus (author)  An Villain6 years ago
jimi's lighter: *click* jimi's guitar: *fwoosh* jimi: AAAAAIIIIIIGGGGHHHH!
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