My Dream Home Design





Introduction: My Dream Home Design

I used Google sketchup 7 to create this home. The first pic is kind of a aerial front entrance pic. The second pic is kind of a aerial pic of the back patio.

Step 1: Living Room

The first pic is as if you were standing in the front door way looking in. The second is as if you were sitting on the couch.  The third is like you were looking through the back window.  The fourth I guess would be like layout view.

Step 2: The Kitchen

The first pic is like you would be coming from the living room standing in the door way. The second pic would be like you are coming from the back patio through the French doors. The third pic is a layout view.

Step 3: Upstairs Master Bedroom/bath

The first pic is if you were just coming up the stairs. The second is looking in to the Master bath. The third layout view.

Step 4:

The first two pics are as if your looking in the through the door. The third is a layout view.

Step 5: Patio



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