well it alittle crappy but who care it only for shooting games..I made it out of cardboard tape and a ds also this is my frist instructable so no bad comments please.
3 words... make an instructable!
were didja get du skin? Target Internet?
 Ahh well i got it off of Gela skin in the Internet. hope it help
i love your DS i have a wallpaper for my ipod like those skulls ands i luvs em'
<ul class="curly"><li>5 stars</li><br/></ul><em><strong>nice</strong></em><br/>
cool good job 5/5 *****< see haha anyways yeah good job for your first instructable
Nice job. I have COD 4 for ds too.... I do not see how the stand makes it easier to play it though..
well its easier for me and it also make me play better. but thanxs
welcome, nice first instructable. 5/5 Stars
COD 4 is better than COD 5 on the DS... It's a fact!

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Bio: My name is andrew maldonado and i love to make things
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