Picture of My Ds Arcade Stand
well it alittle crappy but who care it only for shooting games..I made it out of cardboard tape and a ds also this is my frist instructable so no bad comments please.
mason01905 years ago
3 words... make an instructable!
Mplinnc5 years ago
were didja get du skin? Target Internet?
wthimnothere (author)  Mplinnc5 years ago
 Ahh well i got it off of Gela skin in the Internet. hope it help
Gage9876 years ago
i love your DS i have a wallpaper for my ipod like those skulls ands i luvs em'
coolo526 years ago
  • 5 stars
beckton196 years ago
cool good job 5/5 *****< see haha anyways yeah good job for your first instructable
wthimnothere (author)  beckton196 years ago
robots1996 years ago
Nice job. I have COD 4 for ds too.... I do not see how the stand makes it easier to play it though..
wthimnothere (author)  robots1996 years ago
well its easier for me and it also make me play better. but thanxs
welcome, nice first instructable. 5/5 Stars
COD 4 is better than COD 5 on the DS... It's a fact!