I have a disabled child that needed what are called Big Mac Buttons.  They are a record and play back button.  Usually therapist use them to teach people with speech and cognitive disorders how to communicate with out saying anything. The individual just simply pushes a button with a pre-recorded saying.  For example; "Help Me" or "More Please".

These buttons are very expensive.  I have seen them go for more than $100 each.  In order to expand my childs button vocabulary I would need several buttons with common sayings for simple tasks that most people don't even think about.  How frustrating it would be not to tell someone you need a drink or would like to take a break.

So I found using inexpensive items I could make my own.

This is My E Mac Button.  I picked that name in honor of my son Ethan.

My Instructions should be detailed enough for someone who has the tools and skill using them to make one for less than $8 each.

Step 1: Parts

One package of small tap lights from the Dollar Store for $1 each.  I think if you get them from Walmart you get 2 for $5.  Next you will need to find on ebay or your favorite online store that you can order anything from.  Look for "10 Sec Sound Voice Recordable Module for Greeting Card" and or the seller "vitaric".  I found them for $3 each with free shipping from China.  They look like this picture. two buttons, a LED light, microphone, speaker and the electronic board that connects it all together.  You should test it before starting to make sure it works.  Out of 10 I had 1 that didn't work and 1 other that just quit working for no reason.  They are cheep but thats the whole idea make several for less than one real Big Mac.  
YAY, thanks for this I was looking for EXACTLY this, IE: how to put a voice recorder into a push button, thanks so much for sharing!
I have never seen these buttons before, but what a great idea! Thanks for sharing this. :)

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